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Lesson Plan Contest - Earth Awareness

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Just a reminder - our Earth Awareness lesson plan contest supporting our partnership with IMAX and the release of their new film, Born to be Wild 3D is open for submissions! The educator who submits the best lesson plan highlighting how you use BrainPOP, along with IMAX’s educator resources, wins premium prizing - from tickets for their class to see the film and promo items, to a one-year subscription to BrainPOP (worth $1500)! Contest details here!

We’ve got a fabulous Spotlight full of resources to celebrate and teach about Earth Awareness, as well as the recording of our webinar, Using Multimedia to Teach Earth Awareness, in our archives!

We can’t wait to see your lesson plans! Submit them for the contest here. How are you teaching Earth Awareness this month? Please share ideas below!

Webinar Alert: Free October Webinars

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Usher in Fall 2010 with one of our free weekly webinars, Wednesdays at 4:30 pm EDT unless otherwise noted. Our October webinars will help you harness the power of netTrekker and BrainPOP (October 6); bring Twitter into your classroom (October 13); navigate the new BrainPOP Educators (October 20); and get the most out of BrainPOP ESL (October 27).

Get the details and RSVP for any or all of our webinars - space is limited.

Did you miss a past webinar? Visit our Archives. Please let us know what topics you’d like to hear about by posting comments below. We’re always happy to provide statements of participation.

Webinar Alerts! This Week:

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Back to School With BrainPOP
Tuesday, August 31
4:30 EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Welcome back! This webinar highlights the countless ways BrainPOP can help make the back-to-school season easier for you. From using BrainPOP to review topics covered in the last school year to reinforcing online research skills, our resources can help engage students and keep them excited all year.
RSVP: http://backtoschoolbp.eventbrite.com

Planning with netTrekker Search and BrainPOP
Wednesday, September 1
4:30 EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Looking for high quality online educational resources? Find out how easily the leading educational search tool can pinpoint engaging digital resources like BrainPOP - organized by grade, reading level, curriculum topic, media type, state standards, and more. Come see the value of our partnership with netTrekker, and plan out a portfolio of resources that you can take with you to teach your students the ins and outs of Digital Citizenship.
RSVP: http://nettrekker.eventbrite.com

Make it Click: BrainPOP Quizzes With Promethean’s Learner Response Systems
Thursday, September 2
4:30 EDT

With Promethean’s response technology right in the palm of their hands, students are engaged on a whole new level. This webinar will show you how to get BrainPOP’s quiz integration with Promethean ActiVote and ActivExpression learner response systems up and running in just a few easy steps, then customize your classroom voting experience. It’s just one more way we’re helping you bring 21st century resources into your classroom. We will be offering this webinar weekly, throughout all of September.
RSVP: http://makeitclick1.eventbrite.com

netTrekker & BrainPOP in PA Cyber Charter School

Thursday, March 25th, 2010
Written by: Laura Hannah

Karry Simmel is the Assistant Principal for PA Cyber Charter School, a leader in providing online education to over 8,000 K-12 students. Karry shares how her school is using netTrekker and BrainPOP together to engage students in 21st century learning.

Here at PA Cyber Charter School, netTrekker and BrainPOP have become a vital part of our instruction.  It was just a few years ago that I was introduced to netTrekker and started to utilize their resources through the state access that was provided for all Pennsylvania Schools. This past year, the statewide subscription ended and each school had to purchase its own license.  At first I felt this was a devastating blow.  Now, through our netTrekker subscription we are able to subscribe to additional resources that have enhanced the education we provide for our 8,000 plus students.

One of the best resources that our teachers utilize often is BrainPOP.  BrainPOP provides additional learning opportunities, interactive learning games, videos, activities, and a large variety of animated educational resources to assist students, teachers, and parents.  BrainPOP increases active engagement opportunities that relate to the 21st Century Learner.  With technology advancements, students are learning differently, and demanding more creative interaction. Education is ever changing, putting more demand on teachers to be more creative in their instruction.  Basically teachers need a wider variety of activities in order to actively engage and captivate their students.  With netTrekker and BrainPOP, many of our teachers have been able to do just that. For example, upon evaluating teachers’ instruction, I often ask, “Where did you get this video or the interactive web site?” The answer is always, “Through netTrekker and/or BrainPOP.” My response, “Marvelous, simply marvelous!”

With the direction of education evolving, I personally feel there is not a better educational resource to have at your finger tips than netTrekker and BrainPOP.  Through the years that I have been using netTrekker, it also continues evolving, learning, adapting, and growing to ensure that today’s student’s needs are met and students are provided with a variety of educational opportunities.  netTrekker is the search engine that links the bountiful resources BrainPOP has to offer to any classroom, student, teacher, and parent.

Though we do pay for these subscriptions, they are proving to be a priceless investment to meet the educational needs of the 21st Century Learner.  This is our specific targeted audience at PA Cyber Charter School.  Safe sites are more and more difficult to come by. Through netTrekker we know our students are viewing protected, educational, and meaningful sites that are specific to the information needed.  No matter what type of school a student attends, netTrekker and BrainPOP are two resources that specifically target the progression of education.

In my own personal words, “Don’t go to school without netTrekker and BrainPOP!”

Are you using netTrekker and BrainPOP together? How is it helping your teachers and students?

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I thought this was a creative way to integrate BrainPOP and netTrekker resources together for January’s Book Month. Don’t stop after reading this classic with your kids (or watching the movie!). Read more about exploring weather using BrainPOP, netTrekker, and other quality sites on our partner’s online community, netTrekker Villiage! Take it even further with our Resource Pack for Promethean, or our clip art, both available for creating your own educational materials.

Share what you’re doing with these resources by posting comments below!

Hook, Line, and Reel ‘em In

Friday, September 4th, 2009

BrainPOP is so excited about our new partnership with netTrekker! I’ve asked Danielle Abernethy, the mastermind behind netTrekker Village, to be a featured guest blogger. I’m hoping this won’t be the last time Danielle shares her experiences with us.

BrainPOP is a great way to introduce new topics.

Last year my niece came home from school all excited about a project she had to do on her favorite president. I asked her who she selected, and she answered Abraham Lincoln. I’m always curious as to how little minds work, so I asked her why President Lincoln was her favorite. Her response, “He was born on my birthday!”

BrainPOP is a great way to introduce new topics.

Since we had our work cut out for us, I decided to take advantage of her school’s subscription to BrainPOP Jr. When I was a technology coach, I used BrainPOP movies as a way to hook interest in the lesson. BrainPOP Jr. has another great feature. It teaches the students how to take notes. Annie stops periodically throughout the movie to ask a question and take notes. I had Zoe practice this skill with Annie and Moby so that way when she furthered her own investigations she knew how to ask questions and find the answers. She even enjoyed playing with the activities found under the movie and used the activity template for her puppet’s hat.

After watching a great thorough introduction to President Lincoln, Zoe then accessed her netTrekker account. She conducted her search and refined her search by reading levels 1 and 2. She wanted to just find more movies, but her mean old aunt made her do some actual reading. I did allow her to use the Read Aloud tool as needed.

The Puppet of Abraham Lincoln

The Puppet of Abraham Lincoln

Once Zoe had all of her notes together, she decided to create a little puppet play about Abraham Lincoln. She started her play with BrainPOP’s “Pop a Joke” feature, getting a her classmates to chuckle and even introduced note taking to her fellow classmates, telling them that Moby and Annie taught her that great skill! The puppet turned out pretty neat and now resides on her bookshelf, the play got an A so she was thrilled, and Zoe gained a better understanding of why President Lincoln is her favorite US President with two fantastic tools.

And what’s even better, she now has access to both of these great resources by logging into her netTrekker account. Her BrainPOP movies are always at her fingertips with one search. Yours too! Try it today!

If you have any great lesson ideas on how to use netTrekker and BrainPOP together, please share them either in a comment below or over at the netTrekker Village discussion. boards!