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can you drink chickin?

One of the best things about working at BrainPOP is getting to read the emails kids send in. I thought I’d share a few of our recent highlights from our youngest BrainPOP Jr. fans. I couldn’t bring myself to edit their spelling or punctuation, but I did remove student names. Enjoy!

is bigfoot real cuz my friends sayhes not they call him sasquach   why was the whight house made?

what are inside your i balls?

How do you profect each pose in dance?

hello I just watchd the dinosaur tally chart movie. You guy’s were awsome in it!

hi i just wanted to know that what is the kilometers and sentameters.

i were glasses too. this is to annie.

Why would bridges be so important why couldn’t we just swim?

I have trouble with being nice to everyone.Wath should I do?

i just can’t understand multablecashen facts.can you help me.

I am doing a class report an i wanted  to know if you could tell me what ben germen franklens birth name is please?

i just got a new pet turdel

what are intierar decoraters?

what is the caspitul of calafornia?

can you drink chickin?