Our First Award!

BrainPOP Educators has won a Tech & Learning Award of Excellence in the New Product category.

After being online for a little over a year, BrainPOP Educators has grown from 60 to 600 to over 60,000 registered Educators, who come here to access and share free tips, tools, and resources. We’re so lucky to have such committed educators that contribute to BrainPOP and bring quality learning experiences into the classroom.

Thank you for making this a true learning community!

  1. Robert Miller said:

    Great premiere year, Allisyn!

  2. Teryl Magee said:

    Congratulations and very much deserved!

  3. mslinch said:

    Way to go! A big congrats to Allisyn and all of the other amazing BrainPOP Educators out there.