In Memory of Naomi Prawer Kadar, PhD

On Wednesday, February 23rd, the BrainPOP family experienced a tremendous loss with the passing of Naomi Prawer Kadar, PhD. For those of you who may not be familiar with Naomi’s work, she was both the spirit and inspiration behind BrainPOP. She was also a beloved colleague, mentor, wife of Dr. Avraham Kadar, our Founder and CEO; mother to Maya, Nadav, and Einat; grandmother, sister, aunt, great-aunt, daughter, and friend to so many of us here in New York and around the world.

Naomi was a part of BrainPOP from the start. Beyond her guiding wisdom, she nurtured each project and team member with incredible warmth and encouragement. Naomi made everyone around her feel unique, special, and valued. She identified and developed talents in those she worked with and encouraged her colleagues to take those talents to new levels. While Naomi worked rigorously and with the highest standards, her serene presence had a calming effect on all of those around her.

Naomi was a gifted educator who taught and lectured in universities and schools around the world. She was deeply committed to a mission of reaching every kind of learner, everywhere. For Naomi, BrainPOP was more than a company or product; it was a labor of love to which she was passionately dedicated. Most recently, Naomi was the Senior Vice President of BrainPOP ESL, a project that began two years ago. Since its official launch last fall, BrainPOP ESL has already received accolades and awards throughout the educational community. As the project continues to grow and develop, Naomi’s principles and philosophy will constantly guide the work we do.

Words can’t express how deeply we will miss Naomi. Her beautiful spirit and steadfast belief in the power of education will remain with us always.

Our hearts go out to the Kadars and the BrainPOP family around the world during this time of grief. Our offices will be closed on Thursday as a way to pay respect to Naomi’s memory. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing with you some of the special ways we plan to honor Naomi’s legacy. In the meantime, if you would like to share your feelings or thoughts, we invite you to do so here.

Much love,

All of us at BrainPOP

Click here to watch a movie about mourning that was made in commemoration of Naomi.

Naomi’s family has set up a foundation in her honor.  You can read about it here.

  • Carol Glassman

    Naomi was a shining light and shared her glow with all of us. Her memory will illuminate this dark time. Our sincere condolences to Avram and the entire Kadar Family. How we enjoyed seeing her kvell over her grandchild!
    Best Love, Carol and Morris Glassman

  • Karina

    This has been a time of unbelievable sadness at the BrainPOP office. Naomi has had a tremendous influence on so many of us and her passing has filled us with grief. She has been there for me personally, through laughter and tears, and I can’t really imagine a BrainPOP without her. That’s why I know we will keep her in our hearts and minds and her presence will always be with us here.

    My heart goes out to the Kadars, Prawers, and Goellers- whom I’ve been so honored to work with and befriend over the years. You are in my thoughts constantly and I’m sending you all my love.

  • Dr. Kari Stubbs

    Naomi radiated a sense of energy and passion for her work and her family. She’s left a remarkable legacy in both. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, our BrainPOP family, and the many people she touched. She will be missed deeply.

  • Allisyn

    It was such a privilege to work with Naomi. She was so passionate about education, and although she was a zillion times wiser and more experienced than I, she always made me feel truly valued when she asked my opinion about BrainPOP ESL. Her passion for creating this teaching tool was unrelenting, and her team’s tireless efforts to transform Naomi’s vision into into a reality has been remarkable. It’s already a highly regarded and much appreciated teaching tool among educators, having a positive, powerful impact on student learning – a true testament to the effort and energy she poured into her work.

    I don’t think there was ever a time that Naomi approached me about something work related without asking about my son and husband, or just checking in to see how I was doing. I feel lucky to have such wonderful memories of a truly remarkable friend, colleague, and mentor. I’m sorry for everyone that Naomi’s touched — I know this is a loss for all of us.

    We will miss you everyday, Naomi.

  • Patrice Dawkins-Jackson

    I met Naomi in San Antonio, TX at NECC. She was the first face we saw when we arrived at our hotel. She was vibrant and happy and welcomed us! We had the pleasure chatting with her over brunch and dinner about BrainPOP and our school. She had a beautiful spirit! I am thankful for her commitment to education and for being a visionary! BrainPOP has touched so many lives! My thoughts and prayers are with the Kadar and BrainPOP family.

  • Mike

    The world is a little bit paler today without Naomi’s quick wit, intellectual honesty, and dedication to excellence. From behind the scenes, she was often BrainPOP’s moral compass; and sometimes, our audience of one. When Naomi herself took the stage, she never stopped trying to improve on her vision, demanding and coaxing greatness from her colleagues. From herself, she demanded perfection.

    This is a stunning loss. I learned so much from Naomi’s many stories of raising her children; who, along with Dr. Kadar, have my deepest sympathies. Maya, Nadav, and Einat bear her unmistakable mark, and they carry her vision forward; as shall we, in ESL, and in all the BrainPOP Family.

  • Din

    Something about BrainPOP makes me think of perpetuum mobile. Perpetual motion. Pull up a topic on a BrainPOP site, and the movie will always load. Hit ‘play’, and Moby is sure to guide you into a new escapade. Follow a path of related topics, you’ll always learning something new. Tim’s knowledge knows no bounds. Visit us, you’ll always see an animator deliberating a scene. A writer poring over a new quiz. A team conceiving the next product. Someone’s out training teachers. A booth is being erected in Texas, another comes down in London.

    It’s easy to forget that a company like ours is merely the sum of our people. We draw on individuals’ diverse experiences, education, talents, skills and passions. Especially passions. Our company is just a lens that focuses well-orchestrated efforts and yields the semblance of….perpetuum mobile.

    Then something happens and we’re confronted by how delicate this all is. By what truly makes it run. Today we pause, as we hurt the loss of one of BrainPOP’s key visionaries. Naomi showed us by example what we are capable of achieving together, and though she leaves us with a clear sense of direction – we will all miss her dearly.

  • Robert Miller

    I, too, met Naomi and Dr. Kadar in San Antonio… Both were genuinely interested to hear of our classrooms and our thoughts/input of BrainPOP. Immediately I could see that Naomi had a vision and direction for her fledgling BrainPOP ESL–
    I want to share with other BrainPOP teachers that behind our favorite online resource truly is a family.

    I send my thoughts and condolences to Dr. Kadar, Nadav, and their family and to all my friends BrainPOP.

  • Eyal

    It is rare to find someone so inspiring yet so modest, a person so passionate about what she does yet so calm, a mentor so knowledgeable yet so open to ideas, a human being who is able to touch you in so many ways and help you become a better person, professional and friend. Naomi Kadar was one of a kind, a great friend and colleague, and she will always have a special place in my heart.

    I remember it was only a couple of years ago, when she showed me the first video of the first ever ESL topic produced during a trip to an educational conference in London. Her eyes were glittering from joy and fulfillment, knowing that this was the birth of a new baby, one she was so proud of – BrainPOP ESL.
    I was so happy for her, and eager to see this baby coming to life, crawling and walking.

    Today, as this is the baby of us all, we are left without our mother, and our inspirational figure.

    Naomi, you will be deeply missed by me and by all of us who were lucky enough to have known you.

  • Lisa Ebersole

    I remember the first time I met Naomi — It was at one of the legendary BrainPOP Christmas parties and we had just been called upon to make speeches. I think Naomi’s brother went first, and he was really funny… I was nervous to go and Naomi put me totally at ease. Her incredible warmth and sense of humor, which I experienced first that night, are the things I will miss most when I enter BrainPOP’s 11th floor. In the years since that December night, Naomi became a trusted adviser and a friend. Her ideas for BrainPOP were always thoughtful, and they were the kind of ideas that made you think in a broader and better way. She could always be counted on for a real chat, never smalltalk in passing. It was amazing how speaking to Naomi for a few minutes would immediately ground you. She forced you to slow down, and take note. That was truly a gift that she gave to everyone by really listening to people and caring about their lives. I was in awe of her ability as a
    teacher and her commitment to her classes and students. If she ever missed a class, I didn’t hear about it. What I did hear, and see, was Naomi going to class and pursuing her PHD and her students’ education even when it was physically difficult. While teaching, pursuing her own studies, and working at BrainPOP, she also manged to be a loving mother, wife and grandmother. I’ve always said the Kadars never tire. Naomi did more in her lifetime than most people do in twenty. I will remember her generosity, love of learning, commitment to family and friends, and above all, her unshakable spirit.

  • Susan Pazzy

    Naomi has been “Nemi” to me ever since we became friends 41 years ago. Together, in our youth, we discovered the beauty of Israel. We met and fell in love with our Israeli husbands just weeks apart. Our friendship continued to grow over the years, even when she and her family were no longer living in Israel.

    It always thrilled me to receive Nemi’s surprise phone calls informing me that they had arrived in Israel for a short, unplanned visit. During my annual visits to the States, I’d look forward to spending time with Nemi and Avram, who always managed to fit us into their very busy schedules. They are not only our dear friends, but are also like family……never missing the Ackerman family BBQ. At my daughter’s wedding, when the photographer asked all the Ackermans to stand up for a group family photo, Nemi and Avram stood up without hesitation. I remember that smile of hers when she said: “We’re Ackermans, right?” And I replied: “Of course you are…..what a silly question!”

    The passing of this wonderful, warm human being is unfathomable to me and my family. Our prayers are with Avram, the kids and the entire Prawer and Kadar families. Nemi’s memory will remain in our hearts forever.

  • Eylan

    BrainPOP is a company with heart and soul. Like Din said, the care and love that goes into the work done to bring great resources to teachers and kids is done with passion and a team work that I had never seen before in any organisation.

    How had this hugely close culture developed?

    Meeting both Dr Kadars (Phd and MD) answered that question! Their shared passion for education, sheer intellectual curiousity and dedication to making a difference was both infectious and inspirational.

    Although a somewhat distant member of the BrainPOP family, in Oxford UK, I was fortunate to spend some lovely evenings with Naomi. We talked about chimney sweeps, the culture of academia, politics, music, and our families. Her genuine interest, generousity in conversation and empathy made that time together full of learning and fun.

    The BrainPOP UK team share in the grief of the wider BrainPOP family – and our thoughts are with the Kadar family today – and will remember Naomi with love.

    BrainPOP has lost a bright light – but the family have lost

  • Ellen Goodman Bair

    Avrham, Maya, Nadav, Einat –
    Our families have been friends for many many many years.
    There are no words that can express what I felt when I heard about Naomi’s death.
    Ellen Goodman Bair

  • Tanya Roitman

    I have the honor and joy of working closely with Naomi in the last few years . Creating BrainPOP ESL is a challenging journey in an uncharted water. This project encapsulated Naomi’s immeasurable wisdom and her lifelong experience as an educator.
    Naomi was a great teacher with a passion for teaching, with a deep and intuitive understanding of the subject – the art of teaching foreign languages.
    My mother tongue is Russian, I acquired Hebrew and English. Naomi’s method in teaching English as a Second Language in a visual BrainPOP approach is an extraordinary experience especially for me as a student of ESL.
    Naomi’s willingness and openness to change, her loving and caring nature and most of all her work-ethic that doesn’t quit under any circumstances will stay with me forever.
    My heart goes out to the Kadar and BrainPOP family.

  • Peter

    Having recetnly lost a father-in-law with whom I was very close, I know the sense of loss and direction that the Kadars are feeling. What is important is to celebrate the life and passions of Naomi and her impact on the world- and to strive to continue her good work. While relatively new to BrainPOP in comparison to most, all my interactions with Naomi reminded me of times spent with a favorite teacher or professor and recognizing her abilities to see the positive in everyone. I hope to honor her memory by building her dreams of the various arms of BrainPOP on to greater success and impact for teachers and students everywhere.

  • Raffi

    I first met Naomi and Avram in 1997 during a visit to NY with my friend, and their nephew, Assaf. Within 5 minutes of meeting her, I could tell she was special. Her big blue eyes showed a kindness in her that you don’t see every day. Naomi and Avram invited me into their home and made me feel like family – It’s been that way ever since.

    For me, Naomi was also a source of great strength, and I admired her bravery. When I was going through a difficult time in my life, Naomi was there for me. She offered comfort, advice, warmth and unconditional support.

    She inspired me with her pursuit of excellence, perfection and never-ending dedication to every aspect of her life.

    Naomi’s spirit, has and always will propel BrainPOP forward. Her vision and innovation in field of education will honor her memory forever.

    We will always love and remember her.

    יהי זכרה ברוך

  • Dana

    Sometimes clichés are real. BrainPOP is a family and it feels like we’re saying goodbye to our mother. Naomi was the heart and soul of BrainPOP not only due to her enormous knowledge, her intelligence, her great talent of teaching and her endless passion, but also due to the fact that she was just, well… Naomi. Her kindness, her sensitivity, her openness and her truly truly good heart made BrainPOP what it is and made us feel BrainPOP is our family.
    These days are sad days and I cannot stop thinking of Naomi and about some of the quality time we’ve spent together.
    It’s evening time in Israel, and I assume the funeral is ending now. My heart is with Avraham, Nadav, Maya, Einat and the entire Kadar family.
    All of us in BrainPOP Israel send our love to the Kadars. We’re proud to have known Naomi and work with her and we will always remember her with great love.

  • Adina Popa

    What a beautiful legacy! Although I never met Naomi in person, I feel she already touched the lives of the teachers and students at my school!
    We use BrainPOP movies to motivate, facilitate “Aha!” moments, and bring a deeper understanding of the concepts we study.
    Today we stand still and realize that Tim and Moby had a visionary behind their lessons. We thank you, Naomi for your efforts to help children succeed! I believe this world is a better place because you were a part of it!

  • Amit

    It is not surprising that so many of the posts here describe BrainPOP as a family and Naomi as a mother. In the 5 years we’ve spent in the US, Naomi (and Avram and the kids) have been our family. You cannot fully understand BrainPOP if you haven’t met the family behind it, and particularly Naomi, who was and will always be the inspiration for it all.

    We loved Naomi dearly and will always remember her generosity and warmth which made us feel at home. Our hearts go out to the Kadars and Prawers as we grief the loss of our wonderful friend. We already miss you Naomi…

    נעמי, נוחי על משכבך בשלום.
    יהי זכרה ברוך

  • Oshri

    I remember my first time in NYC, just a week or so after I’ve started working for Brainpop. I was obviously a bit excited and was hoping all along I’ve made a good decision by putting my future within the hands of a company I didn’t know too well yet.
    Whatever fears or doubts I had, they were all the dissolved the minute I’ve set with Naomi and Avraham. Naomi made me feel
    like family within a minute. And she did so all along from that day on. Through our tough times in NY, whenever I’d see her I’d go for a brief chat, like I was looking for a motherly shoulder to cry on. That shoulder was always there for me.

    For me, Brainpop is not the usual company to work in. It really is more of a family than it is a job. Naomi as a lot to do with that fact and I’ll be forever grateful for it.

    Naomi, you will be missed and eternally loved.

  • Natalie Chitwood

    I am so grateful to have been able to chat with Naomi at all the parties. She was such a warm, compassionate person. An absolute joy to have known. Her life is an inspiration to me. The entire Kadar family has always been extremely kind. My love goes out to her family and friends.

  • June Kufeld Latovicz

    Life’s destinies take us to many places, and people along the way. Naomi and I first met in kindergarten at P.S. 58 in the Bronx. I even have a picture of us dancing under the Maypole. When she moved shortly after that, it was only one of those weird coincidences that brought us back together again in adulthood. Her mother and mine met in a supermarket in the then newly built Coop City in the Bronx, each eyeing eachother trying to figure out where they knew eachother from. The curious mothers then discovered that their daughters both lived in Israel, and in the same city, blocks away from eachother. They nudged us into reconnecting, and Naomi and I became great friends, sharing our lives, professions, families, etc.
    Though we didn’t remain that close once she and Avram moved back to the States, Naomi was always just a smile away in my heart. She was one of the most down to earth people I have ever known. May you rest in peace Naomi, and may your loving family endure in the warmth of your memory.

  • Jennifer

    I am so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful lady. I love BrainPOP and and owe her and the rest of your team, a big THANKS YOU for helping my students in California and Germany.

  • Helen

    I had the privilege of working with Naomi on BrainPOP ESL for the past couple of years and am truly going to miss her warm heart and thoughtful manner. She welcomed me to her team and was always open, willing to listen and treated all of us with kindness and respect. While I was on leave for a few months late last year, Naomi made the effort to reach out to me several times to personally invite me to BrainPOP events and just to check on how I was doing. Naomi would always ask how I was and listen to me talk about my personal life while dealing with her own struggles with such strength and grace. I am honored to have known her and to have witnessed the love and strong bonds she shared with her family. My heart goes out to all of you.

  • Helen Sedillo

    My deepest condolences to the family. I’m so sorry to hear that Dr. Kadar has left, who obviously worked passionately and who effected so many people by this awesome production. What an awesome person she must have been to be spoken in such a way that we could only dream to leave such a legacy for ourselves. Our students love BrainPop and are better off now for her contributions. This site makes a difference!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary Liebstein & family

    Our love for Naomi stems far prior to the birth of Brain Pop but it is our relationship through her brother, MUZ, a blessed memory and the entire Prawer family. She was always the elder sister who lived her life with her passion to love life. Throughout the many years of frienship she responded to all as a champion for humanity never rearing her head to any individual. It was the image of her nurturing and her passion, integrity and unprecedented force to scout talent and move people. A career that spanned her legacy as a pioneer, visionary and master of achievement she will always be regarded as a “mentor.” May you continue to uphold and carry out her mission to educate. Her catastrophic demise will remain in our hearts as will the brillance of her soul. Our hearts go out to the Kadars & Prawers. Our deepest condolences to Avram, Maya, Nadav & Einot. May you always consider us friends and family.

    The Liebsteins

  • Naomi Geffen

    Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night – Dylan Thomas

    “Do not go gentle into that good night …
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

    Naomi did not go gentle into that good night,
    Along with her loved ones, she raged against the dying of the light.
    She was a true tribute to Mankind at its best.

    I’ll forever miss her

  • Tharaka

    Helping Naomi with her IT needs is something I’ve always looked forward to, knowing that I’d get to spend some time with her. I’d use this opportunity to learn Hebrew words. She would always be so gracious enough to not only help me with the words but also to teach me how they were pronounced correctly. I remember back then when we shared the 7th floor office, there were times she would crack a joke or two to cheer me up. I’ll always remember those moments.

    Naomi, You will always be remembered for your Nobility, Admirability, Open-mindedness, Motherliness, and Intelligence.

  • Dana Rapoport

    I used to introduce myself as the newest addition to the Kadar’s.
    The adoption process was very quick and painless. They took me in, and I never wanted out. There was no transition phase, no questions. I immediately knew this was a begging of a beautiful friendship.
    I moved to New York 18 months ago with two suitcases and a couple of phone numbers. I met Dr. Kadar and Maya on my third day in the city. We talked about lipsticks and the economy. The first bond was created.

    When Naomi and I finally talked for the first time, I think it was in the car, on a Friday, I remember telling her that I think it’s a funny coincidence; my mom’s name is also Naomi, and she was born on the same day – September 15th. I said it was funny, but what I really meant was, that I fell in love, I was captured and completely connected to this amazing woman with the light in her green-blue eyes.
    I remember feeling like home.

    When she would sing a song in Yiddish, she’d remind me of my grandmother,
    When we were together at Maya’s place, playing with Eden, she’d remind me of my mom,
    But when we talked about Jerusalem cold winters, about Tel Aviv University, or when I would just listen to her talk about current or historical events, with such great knowledge and fire, she reminded me of me. Or of someone I wish I could be.

    She was my inspiration.
    It wasn’t only her nobility and grace and compassion that made her so special.
    It wasn’t only her kindness and wisdom. It was her sense of humor, her passion for teaching, her love for her family, her patience and warmth.
    The unbelievable combination of so many different qualities.
    Sharp but kind, comforting and assertive, caring and serious. Fun and intellectual.
    I wanted to be a part of this beautiful nest that she had built…

    It was magic being around her, and I was lucky enough to witness that magic, around the dinner table or a business meeting.
    I had never seen a woman like Naomi before.
    And I probably will never will.
    My vivid memories, her heart and soul, her jokes and optimism, I know, will go a long way with me,
    And I know she would want all of us, who loved her, to be happy
    (Of course she would have been unhappy had she read all the grammatical mistakes in this letter, but she wouldn’t be as harsh as any other editor, or Kadars)

    With my deepest love and greatest gratitude


  • Oren

    The call from Dr. Kadar notifying me that Naomi passed away on Tuesday, the funeral on Thursday and the shiva visit yesterday, are all part of a very strong change that I feel I am going through.

    My feelings are shifting from the deepest concern to Naomi’s wellbeing to the deepest grievance for the fact she is no longer with us. From experiencing Naomi’s splendor to remembering it. From worrying for Naomi to worrying for Avraham and the family. I find comfort in believing that Naomi has also shifted from terrible pain to ultimate peace.

    A strong personal shift I will be facing is the change from receiving guidance from Naomi about what it the right thing to do, to assuming what Naomi would have said should she have been here. On Tuesday, I have lost not only a very dear friend but also my compass to good.

    Heyi shalom, ima Naomi.

  • Gail

    I knew Naomi for a year. I acted as Coach to her writing and public speaking efforts. It was my great honor to serve as midwife to both of these voices. I have worked with hundreds of people who wished to amplify the reach of their words…few had as much to say. Naomi was filled with pride and humility. Courage and pain. She had an inner flame, and that flame drew others to her, and helped to light thier way. It was passed to her from generations of survivors, and will pass to her beautiful children and granchildren…present and future. Her article was published in Yiddish last month. It is just one piece of a staggering legacy left by this remarkable women.

    When I teach. I tell people that public speaking is the number one fear in the world, above hegihts, snakes, the dark…and even death. Naomi once joked that she was more afraid of speaking in front of her peers than she was of the cancer. She so wanted to be heard and respected. She was. And is. And always will be.

    As is always the case, I learned so much from this women who asked me to teach her. I will never forget our brief journey together. The candle of her enormous spirit will burn always in my heart.

  • sivan dror BPisrael

    To all Kadar’s every where
    I am so sad and sorry for your loss

    שלא תדעו עוד צער

  • Bev Fine

    It has been a privilege to work with Naomi this past year on BrainPOP ESL and to get to know her personally, as well. She was always caring and concerned for others, even during these difficult times. Her influence is felt like a warm light that envelops us all. She is greatly missed.

    The BrainPOP ESL team is working hard to continue Naomi’s dream and vision. We carry her in our hearts, and we are proud to carry on her work.

  • Alon

    Every time I had met Naomi, she made me feel that I belonged. Her warm-heartedness was infectious in the best of senses. There is no doubt in my heart that she helped to make BrainPOP the family it is, not just a workplace.

    יהי זכרה ברוך.

  • Raanan Azoulai

    Few days ago my eldest daughter, Maya, told me “daddy, you know we learnt some Yiddish expressions at school today…” It was funny, but the very first thing that came into mind was Naomi. I thought I should tell Avraham about it and she will be glad to know that the Yiddish came alive in a certain Israeli school. Unfortunately she didn’t have the chance to know about it, so I writing these lines now, for her to know. I met Naomi for very few times, during her visits to Israel and in the UK, along with Avraham and Nadav. A true lady she is, I always thought. I knew she was not well for some time; her being so tough and yet so graceful, were really unique, something to admire. I send my deepest condolences to Avraham, Nadav, Maya, Einat and all the Kadar family and share your grief and pane. Raanan

  • Saray&Jack

    מאת: חיים גורי
    כֵּן, זוֹ נָעֳמִי שֶׁנֶּחְשְׁבָה אֶצְלֵנוּ
    לַיָּפָה בַּנָּשִׁים, לַמְּעֻלָּה וְלַמְּהֻלָּלָה.
    סָפֵק אִם הָיוּ שְׁתַּיִם כָּמוֹהָ
    מִבֵּית אַלְפָא עַד נַהֲלָל.

    הַאַתְּ הִיא נָעֳמִי?
    כִּמְעַט שָׁאַלְתִּי גַם אֲנִי לְמַרְאֶיהָ.
    וְהִיא פּוֹסַעַת מַחֲרִישָׁה.
    וְעֵינַי עוֹד הוֹלְכוֹת אַחֲרֶיהָ.
    וְהִיא שָׁם כְּמָשָׁל.”

    Last Tuesday started as just a normal peaceful day, but ended with a broken heart and tears in our eyes.

    Avraham, Maya, Nadav, Einat,
    The Prawers and Goellers

    We cannot imagine your sorrow at Naomi’s death
    She was a truly remarkable woman.
    Naomi was one of those rare people, who somehow found time and energy to make a difference in the world and the lives of the people surrounding her. Doing it with devotion, strong beliefs and a pure heart.
    Naomi means “pleasant” in Hebrew, and Naomi truly stood up for her name.
    Don’t get confused. She didn’t hold back. When something was on her mind – she would always say it.
    But when she did, it was –
    Always positive and constructing
    Always with her famous warm and calming smile

    There is so much to say about Naomi, but words just don’t seem enough.

    We will miss you deeply.
    At this hard time can try to look up to you and your brave ways to help us through this hard times.

    Our love to you all,
    Saray & Jack

  • Denise

    I was just telling my two sons:10 & 8 how fantastic brain pop jr is. It is like having a really smart friend, who is fun and gives you great advice. I obviously didn’t know Naomi but I am so saddened to hear about her passing. She truly made a difference in the lives of children. She made them learn in a fun and unique way. G-d bless her and her family.

  • James Chung

    Sorry that we haven’t got a chance to meet Naomi, my boy of seven is getting a lot of help from BrainPopESL and he really loves the site. We hope that Naomi’s ideas on ESL will continue to grow.

    Your efforts will be remembered by Dickson Chung from China

  • Lauren

    I never met Naomi, but I’m sure she was a wonderful, upbeat person. This website is so helpful to me, and anyone who can be so creative and selfless is a gem. Everyone will remember her always. <3, Lauren

  • Judy McLoughlin

    I thank you for the inspiration that Dr. Naomi Kadar left me to help my middle and high school students. BrainPop has inspired all learners.
    I will remember her legacy-inspire others!

    Judy McLoughlin

  • Bibi Baksh

    Naomi was an inspiration. When I first joined BrainPOP, I juggled the difficulties of a job and completing grad school, she always took the time to inquire as to how I was handling it all. That meant a great deal to me, commiserating with another eager scholar and sharing the difficulties of academia. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    You will be missed, Naomi.

  • eyal

    בתור משתמש בבריינפופ, אני מכבד את זכרה של נעמי ומאחל רק טוב לבני משפחתה. היא זכתה להשאיר מאחוריה מורשת מפוארת. יהי זכרה ברוך

  • Diana Alvarez

    I have never met Dr. Naomi Kadar, but after reading all the messages left at this site, I was regretful that I had not had the honor of meeting such a remarkable woman. What an inspiration to us all. I teach history in a high school/special education (who are mostly English Learners with Spanish being their primary language). A fellow teacher introduced to me BrainPop and I was hooked! The students immediately enjoyed it and their assessment scores increased dramatically. Unfortunately our school site can not afford to purchase this amazing program, but I am praying, hoping and pushing for a miracle someday soon!!
    Thank you, family Kadar for this incredible educational program!! May God continue to give you precious memories to brighten your days in this most devastating storm!

  • Candyce Ward

    I was saddened to here of Naomi’s passing. She has given us such a wonderful gift. I discovered Brainpopjr last year and my students are enthralled by the lessons and are excited to learn. Thank you to the Brainpop family for all you do. I never knew who was behind Brainpop, I was sad to learn that one of its founders is no longer with us. But her spirit will continue to live on through others and her wonderful work!

  • Ruby Hansen

    What is from The Lord returns to our Lord. I am new to BrainPop and by reading these wonderful expressions of love, gratitude, loss, and sorrow, I know now that I lost the opportunity to meet the outstanding Dr. Noami Kadar. My comfort is that she lives, in you all that knew her personally and also, in her legacy in education and learning through BrainPop. Bringing fun and knowledge to discover a wonderful world she left us to grow strong and to become successful.

    May the love and laughter of memories lived be your shelter to heal and to hold peace dearly. With my deppest respect,

  • Otto Berk

    I remember Naomi as a gracious wife and mother when all of our children were younger. She caused us to be comfortable in her home and gave genuinely of herself through the sharing of her experiences in life. And that is the greatest worth in giving.

    My love and caring go to her dear husband Avraham, a former colleague and to her beloved children, now grown.

    Otto M Berk

  • Lior Friedman

    Loosing someone in the BrainPop family is like loosing someone in your own family. I know how you all cared for Naomi and reading all these responses makes me think I wish I could know her better.
    תהא נשמתה צרורה בצרור החיים

  • Shira Danan

    Though I didn’t know Naomi well, it’s clear from listening to her friends and family speak about her that she was a remarkably kind, humble, and accomplished woman. She touched many lives as a teacher, including through BrainPOP, and I know everyone at the company is proud to be able to honor her memory by carrying on her work here.

    Zichronah livracha. May her memory be a blessing.

  • Richard Ho

    In the short time that I was privileged to know Naomi, I was inspired by her remarkable wisdom, limitless energy, and unconditional warmth. Like many others here at BrainPOP, I feel the void left by her passing… but I also take comfort in the knowledge that the legacy of Naomi’s work, as well as our cherished memories of Naomi herself, will always be with us. May we honor her by aspiring to live up to the example she set as an educator, a scholar, a family member, a friend, and an incredible human being. Naomi, we will miss you always.

  • Margaret H

    Although I never had the privilege of working directly with Naomi, when she smiled at me in the office or asked me how I was doing, she radiated a kind of motherly warmth that made me want to know her better.

    I knew that Naomi taught students, that she recently finished her PhD, and that she worked tirelessly on the ELL site. I remember watching her proudly holding Eden, and seeing her chatting unhurriedly with friends and family at the office. What I never knew or could have guessed was that she was battling an illness. In light of having witnessed a family member go through a similar situation, I can’t adequately express my admiration for Naomi for accomplishing so much in spite of her condition. I’ve learned that she did so many other things in her life that could stand alone as great achievements, but it is remarkable to me that she didn’t allow her struggle to define her or hold her back–to the extent that some of us never even suspected what she was going through. This speaks volumes about her strength of character and it is something that I will keep with me.

    Not being able to see my own family very often, I’ve always felt so fortunate to be working among such a welcoming and close-knit family as the Kadars, Goellers, and Prawers. In different ways over the years, they have all made me feel that BrainPOP is an extension of their family. Because of that, I feel their loss acutely and my heart goes out to them during this difficult time.

  • roxana teichelman

    What a tremendous addition Brainpop has been to the science students..I’ve taught for 33 years and subscribed at the very beginning of the program…WOW , I can’t tell you how much this program has meant… thought with all the family…

  • Judi Aronson

    Although I never got to know Naomi, I recall seeing her at the BrainPOP Holiday parties. What struck me was the light that shined all around her, how people gravitated toward her, and her warm smile. I know what a great loss this is for the Kadar family, for BrainPOP and for all of the many people whose lives she has touched.
    In reading all of the responses, it is evident that Naomi was a very special person, as well as a gifted teacher. I know everyone at BrainPOP is proud to be able to honor her memory by carrying on her work here. May her memory be a blessing.

  • Erez Eliraz

    Dear Avram and Family,
    I have been thinking a lot about your loss.
    Please accept my deepest condolences.
    We will all share the memory of Maomi in our hearts.

  • Miki Ben Nun

    Dear Avraham and all family

    There is no way to express my deep sadness for your loss, although I didn’t have the honor to meet Naomi, I feel I know her from hearing all about her .

    With you in your sadness .

  • Mandee

    It is rare to find someone so inspiring yet so modest, a person so passionate about what she does yet so calm, a mentor so knowledgeable yet so open to ideas, a human being who is able to touch you in so many ways and help you become a better person, professional and friend. Naomi Kadar was one of a kind, a great friend and colleague, and she will always have a special place in my heart.

    I remember it was only a couple of years ago, when she showed me the first video of the first ever ESL topic produced during a trip to an educational conference in London. Her eyes were glittering from joy and fulfillment, knowing that this was the birth of a new baby, one she was so proud of – BrainPOP ESL.
    I was so happy for her, and eager to see this baby coming to life, crawling and walking.

    Today, as this is the baby of us all, we are left without our mother, and our inspirational figure.

    Naomi, you will be deeply missed by me and by all of us who were lucky enough to have known you.

  • Maia

    As the great Carl Sagan once said, “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” Although I was lucky enough to have known Naomi Kadar for several years, it’s only in the past couple of weeks that I’ve truly grasped how much love she exuded, and how much she received in return, whether from devoted family members, esteemed colleagues, faithful students, or cherished friends. With Naomi’s passing, the BrainPOP family has suffered an enormous loss, and I think it will be some time until we fully comprehend it all. Yet through this darkness, I hope we can remember Naomi’s unrelenting positive spirit, and let it guide us through the weeks and years ahead. I take heart when I think of Naomi’s inspiring vision of a place where those who yearn to better know the world around them can go to be enlightened. I know that she would have agreed with Sagan when he urged us to remember that “somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” We will continue her mission.

  • Brian Levinson

    Naomi was such a warm, uplifting presence at the BrainPOP offices, and seemed to have a friendly remark at the ready for everyone she came across. She cared deeply about all BrainPOP employees, no matter their department or division, and was a joy to chat with at BrainPOP parties and other functions.

    Although I always regarded her with friendship and deep respect, It wasn’t until her memorial service that I began to fully understand what an incredible human being she was. The story of her 40-year love affair with Dr. Kadar, and the anecdotes about her commitment to her students brought tears to my eyes. I know I’m hardly the first person to say this, but she will be greatly missed by so many.

  • Mwinblood

    I love your website and want to send my condolences on your loss. As a mother, I know how important it is to provide the best for your children. Clearly, Mrs. Kadar was selfless enough to help all children – not just her own. What a wonderful gift that will live on and keep on giving.

    Blessings to those she loved so well.

  • http://? Kaycie B.

    I am in the eighth grade, and came to say I love this website. Almost once or twice a week, my Science class watches BrainPops. I read the article about your loss, and I am very sorry.

    Everyone in my Science class is always excited to do BrainPops, and so am I! Keep up the great work!

  • Amber Alvarez

    At Naomi’s funeral I realized how many of the vast crowd weren’t related to the Kadars. Regardless of the relationship that brought you into Naomi’s life she was eager to pull you close and create a bond. I’m shocked in the loss of such a blithe and able spirit. Her constant action and energy made her illness seem less of a reality for me. I admire her for her pluck and spirit. I will always remember her as truly selfless and kind.

    A few weeks into working at BrianPOP, I suffered a deep loss. Naomi managed to coax it out of me during a walk from BrainPOP to a taxi cab. I hadn’t told some of my closest friends, but I folded under her kind eyes and sincere questions. In that brief walk she managed to take away some of the pain I felt. It was a special magic she had.

    I’ve been guilty of bringing quiet, shy people to our large, loud and wildly energetic BrainPOP parties. I’ve lost them in the crowd and later found them in an animated conversation with Naomi. The first time, I was slightly bothered with my guest. Naomi had a full room of friends and family I was sure she’d rather be socializing with. It wasn’t her job to entertain strangers. Later, when it happened with a different guest, I realized that Naomi’s talent for comforting radiated from her. She most cared about making sure everyone had fun and that no one felt overwhelmed or out of place. Later that week she asked me a follow up question about the conversation she had with my date. I marveled that she’d remember a ten minute conversation with a stranger in a long night of merrymaking. She was the perfect hostess, authentic and sincere. In talking with her you always felt like she truly cared.

    I feel the sorrow of the deep void Naomi has left. I want to extend my condolences to her large sprawling family, especially to the Kadars and the Prawers. I can only imagine how acute their loss must be. She was that rare special person that will always be missed. I am thankful I had the opportunity to know her.

  • Susieqtpies

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. What a pioneer! My prayers are going out to all of her friends and the Kadar Family.

  • Jenny Lee Fowler

    We didn’t know Naomi, but our family is very grateful for this legacy that she leaves behind. It is part of the fabric of our daily and weekly learning together. Our hearts go out to those who treasured her.

  • Annie C.

    What was truly amazing about Naomi was her strength. She was always together, in mind and spirit. Even though she was battling cancer, she didn’t let it stop her, or let it define her. She lived her life the way she wanted to, discussing deadlines, meeting with a dozen people, checking emails, making calls, heading BrainPOP ESL. I’d see her at her desk and she’d greet me with a smile and a hug. Oh it’s so good to see you, she’d say. She’d be smiling despite the fact she was going through tough treatments. Never a complaint, always a smile. She had so much strength and grace and dignity, an example to us all. Naomi and Dr. K have one of those relationships that make you realize that relationships can actually work. A true ‘love of my life’ connection, and you are surprised because it’s so rare to see that now. It makes you realize how special she is and how much she will be missed. So thank you, Naomi, it has been an honor.

  • Lia Chee Watanabe

    My times with Naomi were too few, but when I had the pleasure of her company I always felt that she was able to coax out the sincerest form of myself. She had a talent for remembering the details of my life, a refreshing directness and an instant warmth and openness. My thoughts are with Naomi’s remarkable family, who has had the benefit of this beautiful soul as an integral part of life and must now bear a devastating separation too soon.

  • The Greenup Family

    Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Our son utilizes the BrainPop website often and it has been an excellent tool for learning. We just wanted to let you know that we appreciate BrainPop and care about all of you! You are a wonderful Company and we are deeply saddened to hear of your loss.

  • The Jeganathan family

    Our prayers are with Naomi’s family and the BrainPop Company.

  • http://brainpop EMILY

    i feel bad for Noami Prawer Kadar’s passing away and i wish the rest of you a happy long loving life.

  • Harold O. Levy, NYC Schools Chancellor (2000-2002)

    To attempt to change the world is a sign of greatness; to succeed is to touch the ages. The scope of Naomi Kadar’s aspirations is evident; through her work at BrainPop she has left the world a better place. BrainPop is a monument to her; it is a living reminder of her presence. The rest of us can only aspire to such a legacy.

  • Tiffychole

    Even though I never met Naomi her family, coworkers, & friends are in our prayers.. Naomi will be missed dearly.

  • http://yahoo Jessica Dupont from Louisiana

    I am so sorry for your loss. We will miss Naomi.She is in our hearts

  • Joshua Mann

    Even though I don’t know much about BrainPop, it really sounds sad to hear that the founder of BrainPop has passed away.R.I.P Naomi Prawer Kadar.

  • The Ahn Family

    I’m sorry to hear for your loss. I will miss Naomi very much. I hope she lives peacefully in heaven.

  • Dave W.

    I would’ve never known who Naomi Kadar was until now.. I’ve been using BrainPOP for my kids and students for almost about a year and a half now.. And I’m grateful that she left a gift before her death for thousands and millions of children here in America..

    RIP Naomi Prawer Kadar

  • Spring

    Thank you for sharing the love… Aloha ‘oe… a hui hou kakou…

  • skip201

    Naomi Prawer Kadar.. I don’t know much about her, but I can reassure you, I have to thank her for creating this wonderful site,