BrainPOP at NSTA

Headed to Philadelphia for NSTA this week? Come meet us at Booth 2150! We won’t be settling the great cheesesteak debate (Geno’s? Pat’s?), but we WILL have great classroom goodies, the latest news on all our resources, and a special offer just for you. Plus, be sure to snag a copy of the research that shows what a difference BrainPOP can make for your science students.  Our own Annie Choi headlines two conference workshops, “BrainPOP in the 21st-Century Classroom” (Thursday) and “How Do Natural Disasters Affect People? A Project-Based Learning Lesson” (Saturday). Find out more!

  1. Allisyn said:

    Hey Stephanie! Absolutely! Actually, you can access one that Dr. Kari Stubbs did at NECC here:

    We’ll be sure to update the blog with access to new materials from this week’s workshop at NSTA. Thanks for asking!

  2. Stephanie Golas said:

    The project-based lesson on Natural Disasters sounds great. Can you please make that available to BrainPOP educators after the conference?