Run Moby Run!

I love it when the week end’s with something unexpected and wonderful like this! Liz Gatewood of Kentucky Country Day School shared, “My 1st graders used Kerpoof to draw Moby exercising after we watched the BrainPOP Jr. movie on Exercising!”

Thanks for sharing, Liz! What a creative and fun end of the year project. Enjoy!

How are you using BrainPOP with other online tools? Please share ideas!

  1. Christian said:

    That’s a Amazing Video!

  2. Allisyn Levy said:

    Thanks for sharing Pixton for Schools! I checked it out, and it looks AMAZING! I am a huge fan of using comics as a form of assessment, where students can demonstrate their understanding in a creative way. I did a similar project with my 4th graders, only they created non-fiction comics on paper (old school!). I love including a 2.0 tool like this since not every student enjoys or feels confident drawing by hand. Thanks, Robert!

  3. Robert Miller said:

    One online tool that my students have taken a creative spark to is subscription-based Pixton For Schools ( ).

    My fifth graders will take lessons learned from BrainPOP and apply their knowledge or show content application in their own version of a Moby and Tim comic strip. A very ingenious comic creator app allows my students to custom create their own version of BrainPOP characters and pose them in chosen backgrounds.

    A great way to extend a topic movie and score with a rubric to evaluate understanding of a science standard!