Webinar Alert: Using BrainPOP For Summer Programs

Using BrainPOP for Summer Programs
TODAY! Wednesday, June 23
4:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Whether you’re winding down the school year or gearing up for summer school, we’ll share enough creative ideas to get you through with a smile on your face! Explore possibilities of BrainPOP and other 2.0 tools to help engage your students with a daily dose of BrainPOP or longer lasting projects

RSVP: http://summerprograms.eventbrite.com

  1. Kathleen Morrissey said:

    Great informative webinar. Keep it up – looking forward to more.

  2. K. Wilson said:

    Thanks for the informative webinar. Great information on how to use the site beyond just showing the movie.

  3. Allisyn Levy said:

    Thanks for all the great feedback, everyone! Please report back after you experiment, and add any new resources you discover back on the blog.

    Anyone have suggestions for future webinar topics? I’m all ears…

  4. T. Slattery said:

    I was very satisfied with the webinar outlining GREAT ideas to extend BrainPOP beyond just the movie and quiz. I can’t wait to share this information with teachers, my technology coordinators and librarians! I’m really hoping to have our librarians take hold of at least one of the ideas to help with research using various mediums and turning them into fabulous student projects. Thank you Ms. Levy! You are an asset to this company!

  5. Awilda said:

    Thanks for the Webinar: Using Brain Pop for Summer Programs. I liked that it had the whole idea from Introducing a subject to assesment; and a day or week activities planning. I enjoyed it!

    *Certificate please.

  6. Kirsten Gordon said:

    Enjoyed the webinar. Gave me some good ideas for the new school year.

  7. Serena Harnack said:

    Big fan of BrainPOP. Loved the 2.0 resources like voicethread and glogster mentioned in the webinar. Can’t wait to check them out.

  8. Kathy Andreozzi said:

    Awesome webinar. I learned a lot and can’t wait to use the KWL charts. I enjoyed learning how to make a lesson last all week too. I also want to check out pixon.com. Please send me a certificate of participation.

  9. Karen Holewinski said:

    Please send me a certificate of participation.
    Karen Holewinski
    All Saints Catholic School
    Sunrise, FL

  10. Rebecca Chast said:

    Totally loved the Webinar. Learned alot from it. Thanks for doing it on this subject.