Spotlight: Ancient Cultures

June 3, 2010

You too can travel back in time thanks to our Spotlight: Ancient Cultures. Visit the Roman Republic, the Great Wall of China, and Mesoamerica. Meet the Sumerians and the Incans. Discuss the Odyssey ...

Webinar Alert: Using BrainPOP to Explore New Energy Resources

June 2, 2010

Categories: BrainPOP Spotlights
Using BrainPOP to Explore New Energy Resources Wednesday, June 2 4:30 PM EDT Duration: 1 Hour With the recent Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill still going on, it's important for our next generation to re...

Curricular Tie-Ins – June & July

June 1, 2010

Keep this list of BrainPOP movies handy, and check our online Curriculum Calendar for additional tie-ins. ♦ June 5: Show our Humans and the Environment movie and BrainPOP Jr.'s Reduce, Reuse, Rec...