Webinar Alert: Winter & Snow with netTrekker & BrainPOP

Explore the Science Behind the Snowflake With netTrekker Search & BrainPOP
Wednesday, December 1, 2010
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

Are there really no two snowflakes exactly alike? Why is snow white? Inquiring students want to know! Empower them to find out through BrainPOP with netTrekker Search. This webinar highlights resources for all kinds of winter-themed projects.

RSVP: http://snowflake.eventbrite.com

  1. allisyn said:

    Hey Yvonne. Glad you asked! We offer free webinars every Wednesday. Here’s more info:


    We’re always interested to hear suggestions on future webinar topics. Please let me know if you’ve got any ideas.

  2. Yvonne Rivera said:

    How often are the webinars?

  3. Susie Houston said:

    The webinar was great! I have used both BrainPop and Nettrekker for over a year, but learned new things. Please send a certificate to my email: shouston@pi-isd.net . Thank you.