Special Guest Series: Moby Goes Global!

First grade teacher, Chris Carter, has graciously agreed to document and share his experiences using BrainPOP at his international school in Berlin, Germany. Chris has a great sense of humor and the series is full of subtle tips. Stay posted to continue the journey with Chris, as well as other teachers using BrainPOP internationally!

Brain Pop has come to Germany.  In this blog series I will record my experiences using BrainPOP ESL with a first grade class in the heart of Berlin.  My class is a mix of German and international kids.  It’s an interesting mix.  A few of the students are fluent in English.  Some are real beginners.  I’m trying a daily dose of BrainPOP ESL to help me raise the level of English throughout the class.

Day One

I showed my class the first Brain Pop ESL film.  Level one, film one.  Student A laughed his head off.  He thinks Moby is an absolute riot.  Too be fair, I should tell you that Student A laughs at almost everything.  The song ‘Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’ almost kills him.  We watched a video of it once and he laughed so hard there were tears in his eyes.  The other kids at his table had to cover their ears.

But student A is not alone.  The rest of the class has enjoyed the film, and the warm-up activity too.  I let them come up to the whiteboard one at a time to choose the right the answer.  We’ll do it again at the same time tomorrow.

Day Three

Student C wants to know why the robot can’t speak.  “I don’t know.” I say.  She looks skeptical.  I turn back to the whiteboard and hear her mumble in German.  “How can the boy teach us English?”  He can’t even teach his best friend.”

To be continued…

Are you using BrainPOP internationally? We’d love to hear about it! Please post comments below.