Guest Blog: BrainPOP Club… For Teachers!

Brian Lewis is a Computer/Business Education teacher in Warner Robins, Georgia, and has been teaching middle grades for 14 years. He’s taught middle grades social studies, science, P.E., Careers, and math to at-risk learners.

I started a BrainPOP club for Teachers at Feagin Mill Middle School in Warner Robins, Georgia.

We have teachers that join from all grade levels and all subjects. We meet about twice a month to share ideas on to improve our teaching using BrainPOP and other resources. We meet for about 15 minute’s afterschool.  The meetings are short and fast.

We usually show a BrainPOP video and discuss review questions and vocabulary words. Teachers usually share how they use the resource to enhance their teaching of the standards in their classroom.  Middle grade students love BrainPOP.

My sixth graders use BrainPOP to make animations using the BrainPOP clipart that is provided on BrainPOP Educators. During the last meeting, teachers learned how BrainPOP can be used with different technology, including laptops, interactive whiteboards, and student response devices.  We share ideas on how the videos can be used in our classes and how BrainPOP can relate to other subjects.  I realized that most teachers that use BrainPOP didn’t know about BrainPOP Educators.  This club has really helped new teachers add another resource to enhance their teaching.  Thanks, BrainPOP.
Brian Lewis

Feagin Mill Middle School

PBS Teacher Innovator 2010
Smart Exemplary Educator
Discovery Star Educator

Thanks, Brian! We love how creative you got with professional development! Any other ideas to add on to what Brian’s started? Please share comments below.