Guest Blog: Moby on Closed Circuit TV!

Principal Mike Byron was kind enough to share how his school integrates BrainPOP into their closed-circuit tv system.

We currently have a 51″ inch flat screen plasma television in our cafeteria along with a surround sound system.  Connected to this television is a Sling Catcher that communicates with a computer in the main office.  In addition to running Math Powerpoint presentations and school announcements, we will also run BrainPOP on the computer in the main office, which then gets transmitted into the cafeteria onto the plasma television. The setup is utilized on a daily basis to support the various standards and concepts being covered within the classes.  When we stream a BrainPOP animated movie into the cafeteria, we follow up with an essential question.  A student is called upon, and if they answer the question correctly, they win a prize.  We find that we are able to capitalize on time that was traditionally not set aside for learning and the students are welcoming to the fun and engaging activities.

Michael Byron
Joseph H. Martin Middle School
Tauton, MA

How do you take your school day up a notch with BrainPOP? We’d love to hear your ideas!


    Are they quiet in the cafeteria? This isn’t done at lunchtime is it?

  • Liz

    I am from Mexico and I teach English in an Elementary school. It is quite interesting the way you’re using BrainPOP to teach your students. Moreover, you motivate them by giving them prizes.
    As all my students speak Spanish, it is difficult for them to understand the movies of BrainPOP, so I wonder if your school use BrainPOP ESL to teach English to non-native speakers. If so, do you have any tip to make my class more memorable and understandable for my students?