Guest Blog: FYI Special Agents

Tatum Murphy is our new Director of Education Outreach! We’ll be hearing lots more of Tatum’s creative ideas! Feel free to welcome her by commenting below.

Using BrainPOP to Foster Creativity, Infuse Critical Thinking, and Enrich your Students’ Learning Throughout the School Year

Do you have any Special Agents in your class? I didn’t think so…well, not yet at least! In my quest to come up with activities to enrich, engage, and extend the learning process using BrainPOP, I fell in love with the FYI section and devised the idea of creating a classroom of FYI Special Agent characters.  This activity can be integrated across grade levels and subject areas, is excellent for multiple learning styles, and can last the entire school year if your class is really digging it!

FYI Special Agents are simply a special task force of student created BrainPOP characters responsible for “schooling” Tim and Moby with new FYI content or artistic displays. Students conduct research, synthesis, create, and present their Special Agent work to the class. Together, your class builds an FYI Special Agents bulletin board to display the characters and top secret task force work.

If you aren’t familiar with the FYI section, take a quick visit – Comparing Prices FYI.   It’s a gold mine of fascinating and high interest information for your students to extend their learning.  Variety is the spice of the FYI section with the topics changing across videos and subjects, although you will always find a witty comic strip to giggle, snort, or laugh out loud.

If you would like to try this activity in your class, check out my lesson plan. I’d love to hear feedback or ideas of how you use the FYI section in your learning environment. Don’t forget, there are oodles of free resources available on BrainPOP Educator (e.g., graphic organizers, templates, clip art, expert certificates) to enhance this activity and beyond.