Webinar Alert: BrainPOP for the Beginning Teacher


BrainPOP for the Beginning Teacher
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
4:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour

Calling all pre-service, first- and second-year teachers! Inspired by ASCD’s Next Outstanding Young Educator Award, this webinar will honor those teachers who are new to the field. We’ll discuss tips for using BrainPOP online, BrainPOP on mobile devices, and BrainPOP Jr. to engage your students and increase learning. Discover how active involvement in BrainPOP Educators can help you develop leadership skills and contribute to the education community.

RSVP: http://beginningteacher.eventbrite.com/

  1. Ms. Kelly Sunday said:

    As a beginning teacher last year and my second year this year, I LOVE to incorportate BrainPop as an introduction to a topic. I teach Integrated Physics & Chemistry, so I hope that you would have more advanced Chemistry topics. But my other kids n 6th & 7th cheer when I can bring in BrainPop. I always tell them that sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else before me. That is also why I have started incorporating Khan Academy into my lessons too. I will always be using BrainPop in my classrooms as long as there are videos over my topics :)


  2. Tatum said:

    Crystal Flynn’s Comment: This webinar was very helpful for a new teacher trying to implement as much technology as possible. Brainpop seems like a great resource that I will definitely be implementing in my classroom. Thanks so much for this webinar!

  3. Tatum said:

    Thanks for your comments, Nick. Let us know how it goes once you start incorporating some of the new ideas into your lessons. We will be sending you a certificate via email.

  4. Nick Brandon said:

    Hello! Great job, Kari. I watched this presentation in archive form for PD credit, and it was an hour very well spent. I am a first-year middle school teacher in Michigan, and I’ve been using BrainPop movies to complement lessons, but this Webinar showed me ways to incorporate the quizzes, activities, and Q&As to enhance the use of BrainPop. I like how clearly these features were displayed — I feel very confident now for how to add those ideas into my lesson plans ASAP … like, starting tomorrow!

    If I could please get a certificate for my viewing of this Webinar that would be awesome. nicholas.brandon@pccsmail.net.

    Thanks so much!

  5. Kari Stubbs said:

    I’m so pleased that you were able to join us!

  6. Mindy Meadows said:

    I enjoyed the webinar. Could I please get a certificate to show I attended. Thank you.