Webinar Alert: Making Connections with Apps

Making Connections with Apps
Wednesday, March 9, 2011
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

Join educational app guru Jayne Clare, a classroom teacher who co-founded the app development company i-itch inc. and Teachers With Apps, a web site that tracks down the best ed apps out there. Jayne and her 6th-graders will show you how they use a range of cross-curricular apps that complement our Featured Movie app. You’ll leave the webinar inspired to jump on the app bandwagon yourself!

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  • Ginny Grecco

    Great job, great Webinar. Need Certificate.

  • Mindy Meadows

    Enjoyed the webinar. Expecially liked hearing students share how apps have helped them.

  • Clare

    Thank you for some great resources. I had never heard of Sal Khan.

  • Lois Brooks

    This was a great webinar – loaded with plenty of tips and links for some great educational apps. Thank you for sharing – and it was great to hear the kids and how excited they were to use the apps in conjunction with Brainpop. Lots of great ideas. Thank you

  • janet may

    I cannot wait to try these apps….I am waiting for my new ipad and am super excited to use the math and social studies apps!
    please send me a certificate of participation :)

  • Aysha

    I learned so much from the webinar! I’m especially excited about learning more about Khan Academy and exploring some of the great apps that were described!

  • Bev

    I would like a certificate of participation for today’s apps webinair. I have just recently started using an ipod and found the apps you mentioned today fabulous!

  • Sarah May

    I am so excited to share the “stack the states” app w/ the social studies teacher in my department…these apps make technology a little less scary and much more exciting!
    Would you mind sending me a certificate so that I can log this as PD time? Thanks so much! :)

  • Barrett Sims

    I thoroughly enjoy brain pop and I use it in my classroom! I am excited about all these new webinars! I do not personally have an iPad, but I can see that this will definitely play a part in the classroom of the future.

    The part I was most interested about concerned apps that keep track of student achievement without having to use any paper. I am sure that is an effective way to keep track of student progress!

    I will need a certificate of participation for my professional development. Thanks for everything!


  • Paula Futrell

    Reviews of apps that you know engage your students is very helpful as I plan lessons. Thank you for sharing how you use the apps with your students in conjunction with BrainPOP and using both Smartboards and document cameras.

  • Stephanie Bonat

    I appreciate all that was shared- both by participants and by the presenters. It can by very time consuming to sort through technological tools for teachers- these are great resources for me as a math teacher, and will no doubt link me to even more. Thanks very much!

  • Barbara Papai

    This is my first BrainPop webinar. It was a positive experience, and I would be interested in attending more. I teach 4th grade and have a class set of iPad. This is my first year using them in the classroom. I look forward to going to Jayne’s site to see reviewed apps. One free app (at least when we downloaded it) that I like is SimpleMindX (the app I have is actually an iphone app-not ipad, but we use it anyway). This is a mind mapping app. Students use it for all content areas in many different situations…anyway you would use a web/mind map: vocabulary words, note taking, writing brainstorming, etc. There was a question about classroom management with the ipads-the students are completely engaged and you can hear a pin drop it is so quiet. This is also my first year with a BrainPOP subscription, and I love it. One thing that I found that I want to try is the science labs that they have that go with the movie (I saw it on densitiy, I think.) There is a video that shows a teacher and student in action. I do find the extra materials (beyond the movie) very beneficial.

  • Kent Pelkey

    requesting certificate for webinar participation on apps. Thank you.

  • http://pnaugle.blogspot.com Paula L. Naugle (@plnaugle)

    I just finished attending this webinar. Congratulations to Jayne for including her students. It is great to hear from their perspective. I learned about some educational apps that I need to incorporate into my classroom. Thanks to everyone who was involved in a great learning session.

  • Candace Martin

    Thank you very much for the webinar today. It was an awesome way to gain new information, especially since I am currently on maternity leave and working from home. The apps are amazing and the ipad2 sounds awesome. I only wish our low budget charter school could afford the technology. I look forward to receiving the training certificate and sharing the info with my co-workers!

  • Janet May

    I am very excited to try out some of these apps with my new ipad. Would you mind sending me a certificate for my PD? Thanks again for everything!

  • Antoinette Dingle

    Not sure if this was the blog to leave comments about the Brain POP presentation, but I have never used brain pop nor heard of it. I guess we’re behind in certain spots down here in Miami. After the presentation this is certainly an app program I am looking forward to putting to use. I hope to view other presentation from you. I would also like to receive a certificate from you. My email is antoinette.dingle001@mymdc.net.

    Thank You, Antoinette Dinlge

  • Helen Sayer


    Thanks for a fantastic webinar – very helpful.

    Could you please send a certificate of attendance for my records.

    Thank YOU!!


  • Kare Valente

    cert of attendance requested

  • http://webinar Hannah Tam

    Thanks for a very interesting webinar (my first)!
    I am just learning to use Apps with my students and this will help me further in that new activity.

    May I also get a Certificate of Attendance?


  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Tatum

    Thank you to all for attending our webinar and commenting! If you requested a certificate, we will email one to you by early next week.

    We were so lucky to have found Jayne and her students through BrainPOP Educators. Kudos and a special thanks to them for bringing us into their classroom!

    If you are using BrainPOP in your learning environment and want to share, I would love to hear your story. Feel free to email me directly (tatumm@brainpop.com). There is nothing better than educators supporting and sharing with other educators!

  • http://www2.newton.k12.ma.us/~Cheryl_Kosmo/ Cheryl A. Kosmo

    Thanks for this info. I was unaware of the apple education page that offers so many apps for teachers. Also the i itch and teachers with apps websites are so useful. I have bookmarked them to peruse later. As someone else mentioned it is so time consuming to search for good resources and your webinar and brainpop educators is really helpful. could I also have a certificate sent to me? thanks

  • Constance Truncali

    I am new to applying apps. This webinar gave me an insight as to how far I can go with Brain Pop. I will need to take baby steps and hopefully one day I will be able to use the apps appropriately. Baby steps first!!

  • kwood6161

    Thanks for all of the information about apps.