Guest Blog: Grant Funds for BrainPOP Jr.

Kassie Jackson is a 1st grade teacher for the Great Falls School District in Great Falls, MT. She recently received her masters in technology and is passionate about engaging her students with technology. She shares her experience of leveraging a local grant opportunity to enrich her students’ lives with BrainPOP Jr.

I am so excited to bring technology into the schools and into my classroom. I believe that technology is the key to engaging students these days. Most of my students in my school come from low income families and don’t have computers at home. I think it’s important for my students to use technology every day. Every lesson I teach, I try to incorporate technology with my interactive white board.

I recently came across BrainPop Jr. when I was looking for an introduction video for place value. During the video, I noticed all my students were engaged and loved it!  I instantly wanted my students to have access to BrainPop Jr., as it is a great resource for the classroom.  Although there are many free resources available through BrainPOP, I needed additional funds to obtain the full subscription. I came across a grant opportunity with our local TV station KRTV and First Interstate Bank called, “One Classroom at a Time.”  They provide weekly grant funds to educational programs and classrooms that need extra help.  The winners are also featured on the news!

I applied for the grant, explaining how important it is for students to use technology on an everyday basis. To my delight, KRTV and First Interstate Bank surprised me in my classroom with a check to purchase BrainPop Jr. and a spot on the local news to share my story!

Have you ever obtained grant money or special funds to bring BrainPOP into your learning environment? Share your experiences or thoughts by leaving a comment below. Need support for fitting BrainPOP into your funding strategy? We are here to help, consult our funding resources on BrainPOP Educators.

Kassie Jackson
Whittier Elementary
Great Falls, MT