Webinar Alert: It Takes A Global Village

It Takes A Global Village
Wednesday, March 16, 2011
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

BrainPOP Educators Adina Popa and Tammie Mihet will demonstrate how they teach 21st Century skills, use multimedia tools such as BrainPOP, and how all these resources prepare them and their students for collaborative activities at the international level.

RSVP: http://collabor8.eventbrite.com/

  • Amber Eklund

    “It takes a Global Village” was very helpful in educating how to include technology in even an art class! I am very excited to use BrainPOP Educators and using Glogster so my students can use posters to display their knowledge on a particular artist or art movement!

  • Louise Shepherd

    I really enjoyed the webinar, and Am excited about using ePals and Voki. Please could you forward me a participation certificate.

  • Leigh Ann Summers

    I enjoyed the webinar today. I plan on using voci in my classroom now and also on my class website. We might even create a blog too!

  • Sean Serafino

    I am looking forward to adding the Brainpop Video of the Day to my blog. I also like the idea of using the voki to deliver the math problem of the week that I include in my website.

  • Sarah May, Dara Moran, Angela Copley

    Did our comments post?

    Sarah, Angela, Dara

  • Michelle Tomaszewski

    What a fantastic webinar! I am currently a paraprofessional & student teacher in the 1st grade classroom. I am looking forward to implementing these collaboration tools within my future classroom reguarly. In the meantime, while student teaching, I would love to introduce Voki. I have motivated my students to be really excited about writing with more detail, and think Voki will be make it even more FUN for them, having their avatar read their writing samples.

  • Brittany Bailey

    I really liked the Voki and Epals websites. Not only would voki be an exciting and engaging experience for the students, I think it would also be beneficial for those students who do not like speaking in front of others. About the Epals website, I plan to teach in a rural elementary school, where experiences are limited, whether they be with different places or different people. It would be a wonderful way to expose children to differences they may never have been able to experience any other way. It was also nice to learn that these resources are free, which is also very helpful.

  • http://N/A Emily Wang

    I am an exchange teacher from Taiwan.

    So glad that I can join this wonderful learning platform.

    I love the sharing about NASA especially, it ‘s fantastic!

  • http://N/A Emily Wang

    good job

  • Beverly Bell

    My 1st BrainPop webinar & I thought it was WONDERFUL! Every minute was used effectively and was well worth attending. Presenters were professional, yet approachable/accessible. Content, demos, & resources shared were insightful, relevant, & I’m already planning ways to put them to use. I truly DID come away inspired and very much looking forward to future BrainPop Educator Webinars! Thank you for making these available! -Beverly Bell

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Tatum

    Thanks so much for all of your thoughtful comments! We will send certificates via email. We are so thrilled that you are inspired to explore BrainPOP Educators, Voci, epals, and try out many of the other resources. Sean, let us know how it went with embedding the BrainPOP movie into your blog, would love to hear what your students say also. To all, as you try out and integrate resources, let’s stay connected – email me or make a blog comment. I want to hear how it goes! tatumm@brainpop.com

  • Paula

    I am very excited to share what I learned about BrainPop Educators with my fellow teachers. I am also looking forward to try voki with my class. I know they will love it. I am already looking forward to next week’s webinar.

  • Helen Sayer

    Wow – I sign in from Australia so after getting the kids off to shool, etc etc, I settled down to enjoy another fulfilling PD only to find I signed in 5 minutes from the end! I forgot about your daylight saving change;{ Thank goodness it is recorded and I can still participate! :D Thank you!!!!

  • http://espana2000@cox.net Kathy Andreozzi

    I loved the Webinar. It was very helpful and insightful. I plan on using Brain Pop more in my class and researching voci so I can learn how to adapt and use it in my classroom also. I love your Webinars and plan to aattend more. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • http://espana2000@cox.net Kathy Andreozzi

    Can you please send me a certificate to show that I attended this webinar? Thanks,

  • http://pnaugle.blogspot.com Paula L. Naugle

    Adina, Tammie, and Tatum,

    Thank you for sharing ways that you integrate technology to take your classes global. I am excited about using Voki again. I used it two years ago but need to revisit it especially now that Voki for Education has been formed.

    As I mentioned in the webinar my students love watching BrainPOP movies, taking the graded tests, and then emailing me the results. We have an Edmodo group for our class where each week I assign a BrainPOP movie for them to watch. Besides emailing me the results, they must make a comment on Edmodo stating something they learned from the video.

  • Amber Eklund

    The Ins and Outs webinar was helpful to learn the basics of using BrainPOPS for educators. the educators site can be used for any content level or grade level!!!!

  • Maryann Daw

    I loved this webinar. The information was useful and easy, I have already set up a glog account and am working on a lesson that my students can use the site for.
    It made me excited to think that we can make learning fun and help the students learn tools they are going to need in the future.
    Thank you so much!

  • Angie Hamric

    This webinar was very interesting. I have taken several technology classes for education during my undergrad and graduate programs but wasn’t familiar with some of the technology demonstrated today like Voki.

  • Sherry Richards

    Great webinar! I enjoyed all the ideas and am looking forward to using Brainpop more often in my classes. I have learned a lot of information from this webinar. Thanks and again, Great Job!

  • Sherry Richards

    Great webinar! I enjoyed all the ideas and am looking forward to using Brainpop more often in my classes. I have learned a lot of information from this webinar. Thanks and again, Great Job!

  • Sylvia Peters

    I really enjoyed the Webinar about Scavenger Hunts and Webquests. It was also very helpful for me to hear how teachers differentiate using Brainpop in their individual classrooms. Thanks for sharing your your ideas and handouts with me.

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Tatum

    Thanks, Sylvia! I think you may have meant to post on the Scavenger Hunt Webinar Alert. But, we are glad you enjoyed the webinar and the related handouts!