Webinar Alert: The Ins & Outs of BrainPOP Educators

The Ins & Outs of BrainPOP Educators
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

Are you getting the most out of your BrainPOP subscriptions? If not, consider joining this webinar hosted by Jessica Storer, our very own BrainPOP Educator newbie! Jessica will delve deep into the ins and outs of our professional community, now more than 100,000 member strong. She’ll share the inside scoop on all the free tips, tools, and resources we offer teachers, from lesson plans and graphic organizers to video tutorials, answer keys, and much more.

RSVP: http://educatorinsandouts.eventbrite.com/

  • Terri Rush

    The introduction to BrainPop Educators was very helpful. This is new to me and our teachers. I will share this information with them. Thank you…. Terri

  • Sarah May

    I can’t wait to check out the core standards resources…there are so few resources available that are aligned w/ the core standards….thanks!
    Sarah May
    Fallsburg Elementary
    Louisa, Ky 41230

  • Janie Mendez

    I was watching along with Terri Rush from Gregory-Portland Jr High. I have just signed up for an Educator Account. We have a subscription. I am excited about the resources / love that I can look back at past webinars to learn from. I look forward to exploring other resources to include BrainPop in my lessons.

  • Colleen

    I am very excited about using brain pop and all the free stuff. I am new to brainpop. I have been looking for interesting way to incorporate technology and learning into my classroom. It was interesting to learn what brainpop really is. I think it will be great for some students as a added resource for learning. I think I will also use it as additional help on certain topics that they maybe struggling with.

  • Lisa Spagnolo

    I really liked learning about the movies and all of the wonderful graphic organizers I could use in my classroom! The resources and lessons were great, too!

  • http://BrainPop Lora Ringler

    Today’s webinar was enlightening on many more features BrainPop has to offer all teachers. I appreciate having attended since I don’t necessarily remember to go back and check things out on my own after I initially explore a site. So, reminding us to check often to see new things added is definitely something I will do. I know there have been several new topics added to Engineering & Technology this year which I am very grateful for! I use BrainPop lessons in tandem with Easy Tech lessons. When the topics are covered only by Brain Pop then the lessons are stand alone. The kids really do enjoy them too.

  • Brittany Bailey

    I actually ran across the graphic organizers the other day and plan to use them with my students. We use graphic organizers pretty often in class, and it’s nice to already have them made. I liked learning about the planning area today. Usually, I search under topic and look for a relevant title, but this will make finding what I need easier.

  • Helen Sayer

    Hi Just about to start a Middle Ages topic with year 8s. Can’t seem to find any lesson plans on this…Will use the standards (that are relevant to Aust) and really like the idea of pre-testing. Should be good! Thanks for the great webinar…once again!

  • Constance Truncali

    I enjoyed this webinar. I am looking forward to using Brain Pop and telling my teachers all about the graphic organizers and other features I learned about today. I will suggest they all use the archives to view tis webinar on their own. Very Informative

  • Manal Abdellatif

    I was surprised by the different resources that brain pop offers to educators. I love the graphic organizers. I am very happy that we can attend archive webinars that we have missed, that is very convenient! I love the idea of the free lesson plans as well! I also love the little informative video clips that are free, however I wish they were updated more frequently. The standards are a great addition to brain pop educators and will be a great use! Very informative and easy to navigate!

  • Michelle Tomaszewski

    I commented yesterday, but perhaps something went wrong because it looks like it did not go through.

    This webinar was really helpful! I am currently a student-teacher and finishing up my M.A.T. degree. I love using BrainPop in the classroom and will certainly proudly carry the name of “BrainPop Educator”! What I found most helpful from this webinar is the Curriculum Planning feature on the BrainPop educators website. We are able to access BrainPop features that are directly correlated to our State Standards. Instead of trying to figure out how BrainPop’s lessons fit into our core curriculum content standards, we just click on our state standards and see how they are already related! What a neat feature! It is especially helpful for planning!!!

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Tatum

    We are so excited that everyone enjoyed this webinar and will be utilizing some of the tools, tips, and resources discussed. Don’t forget that you can type on the graphic organizers and print, you can provide a teacher example for your students and then have them fill out a blank one. The standards tool is a wonderful tool, it even allows you to search high school standards too! When you have a great lesson idea or plan using BrainPOP, remember to share it with us!

  • Jenifer Wheeler

    As a teacher who has never used Brain POP, I really appreciated this introduction. I look forward to introducing it to my students!!

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Tatum

    Thanks, Jenifer! Did you find anything particularly useful on BrainPOP Educators that you might try with your students? We are always interested in hearing what our educators are excited to try out.

  • Crystal Flynn

    I loved the webinar it was very informative and helpful for someone just starting to use BrainPop. I think this is going to be a priceless classroom resource.