Share your Favorite App for Mobile Learning Conference Sandbox!

Got app? Share your favorite!

We’ll be in Phoenix next week for the Mobile Learning Experience Conference, where we’ll hit … the sandbox! Not to worry – there will be no playground bullies and you won’t need any shovels at this kind of sandbox. Instead, we’ll be bringing some of the newest mobile tools for you to explore over lunch on Thursday, the 7th and Friday, the 8th.  Head to the sandbox to check out these up-and-coming devices and play around with apps recommended by fellow BrainPOP Educators.

That’s where you come in.  Recommend your favorite educational apps in a reply to this blog post – get it to us before March 31st 5:00 p.m., EST. We’ll post your responses here and load the recommended apps onto the devices we’ll have at the sandbox.  Be a part of this great chance to explore, share and discuss the power of mobile learning in education.

Hope to see you in Phoenix!

  • Jodi

    I use Smartsheet (it’s like an online spreadsheet on steroids) for a whole bunch of things – as a parent it helps me keep track of good school activities or sites by theme (including links to sites I run across). I have basically built a curriculum using it, with links, related documents, etc. I also have my son use it to organize class projects, upload pictures, and work with his classmates. It’s cool because you can do things like “send a row” to someone to update, and then when they update it, it just feeds back into your sheet. Great way for kids to be on a team and work with others so they’re all accountable. It’s really great for reading lists, adding comments, anything you want to track…contact lists, blog posts, sports schedules…need I go on?! I’ve heard of some teachers using it in the classroom for collaborative learning. I think it’s invaluable in education. You should check it out.

  • Jodi

    I forgot to add that it’s mobile – works on the iPad so I can take it to campus. It works on mobile phones too, but since it’s more of a spreadsheet, it’s not that easy to view on my iPhone. However, the iPad “real estate” is much better for updating info, etc.

  • Ginny

    So many fantastic iPhone/iPod Touch apps!

    Rocket Math

    Epic Math (my son’s favorite)


    Math Ninja (Ninja vs. Giant Tomato!)

    Howcast (how-to videos for visual learners; not all are child-safe, so supervise use)

    Reader Genie (suggests books based on age, interests, subject matter

    Chirp! USA (detailed species information, pictures and bird call samples for most U.S. birds)

    Smithsonian Channel
    BrainPop (of course!)

    For organization:
    myhomework (love this for tracking homeschool assignments)
    Flashcards (design your own or select from hundreds of ready-made flashcards in the database)

    I could go on!

  • Kristen

    I love Words with Friends! It’s a free app to play scrabble against a friend!

  • Thom


    I think you will like Spelling for iPad. It helps kids with their spelling. Parents (or kids) enter their own lists, record the words and then the kids can practice and take tests. Parents seems to love it.



  • Jennifer

    There are a lot of great ones out there. I asked my students to vote for their top ten for 2nd grade and they picked Rocket Math, Math Drills, Simon Graham, Treasure Hunt (although I wish there were more to this one), Quibble Kids, Drawing Pad, Strip Design, Bubble Ball, Story Builder, and Rush Hour.

  • Aisha


    Stack the States and Stack the Countries. These two apps are great for Geography.

  • Thomas Meddens

    Here’s my three of iPad creation apps:

    – Popplet
    – Writer’s studio
    – iBrainstorm

    Njoy the sandbox!

  • Karina

    Some of my favorite educational apps are Toontastic, Star Walk, Evernote, mScribble, and BrainPOP of course!

  • Kate Ryder

    My class’s 2 new favorites – Symmetry Shuffle and Sums Stacker by Daren Carstens
    These apps are awesome! The visuals are fun and engaging, the games challenge the students to think beyond just knowledge and comprehension and require them to evaluate and analyze symmetrical shapes and transformations in Symmetry Shuffle and different ways to find sums in Sums Stacker. My students and I heart Daren Carstens and his creative, mathematical mind! We are writing him a letter to thank him and ask him to continue making great apps that make learning fun and challenging.

    My class’s Old Favorites
    – Math Adventures – You are given numbers and you have to find where the number belongs on a blank 100’s chart. The first round it is a normal 100’s chart, then you have to look for patterns to figure out where the number is because after the first few rounds the chart might be ordered from right to left, bottom to top, etc.
    – Motion Math – Students work to identify where fractions, decimals, percents, and fraction models belong on a number line. They are addicted to this game…it is so hard to put it down once you get started…even I can’t stop because I want to see how high I can go.

    Family Favorites
    My pre-school age nieces and nephews love iWriteWords. For the last year they have been regularly playing this “game.” They trace the letter shown, say the letter, and then turn the iPad to make the letter drop into the hole at the bottom. They can practice upper and lower case letters, numbers, and words.

    There are many, many more, but there is not enough room or time to write them all here!