Mobile Learning Experience Top 5 Winner: iDream

Tisha Poncio was one of five winners in the Mobile Learning Experience Contest.  Join us in congratulating Tisha, as she shares her vision of  how mobile devices positively impact student learning, “After teaching high school for 8 years, then becoming an instructional technologist, I found that no matter what the subject, if kids of any age were given the opportunity to hold something in their hand, interact with the device, the teacher, and their peers, their world opened up, their eyes lit up with excitement, and for many it was their first time to see learning as FUN instead of a struggle or a chore!”

i have a dream that one day our schools will rise up and live out the true meaning of its mission: “. . . seeks to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.” (US Department of Education 2010)

i have a dream that one day, every day, every student will have the ability to own or use a mobile device and work together to create music, books, movies, websites, and presentations that will change how the world thinks, evolves and engages as a people.

i have a dream that one day even the teachers realize the power lies in the tiny device they call “evil” or “distracting” and will open their minds and hearts to the possibility that those tiny devices could be the turning point for a student “left behind” or a student who isn’t meeting state, college, or career standards.

i have a dream that my three little children will one day go to a school where they will begin their morning using a mobile device, continue learning on the device in the afternoon, and beg to stay up late using their device to learn more, create presentations, research papers, and chart the results of their research all on one device that is small enough to fit in their school bag.

iDream today!

i have a dream that one day, every child will have their textbook at their fingertips, their school books on a virtual shelf, the ability to take and email their notes at a whim, the chance to interact, touch, and engage with the words they are reading.

iDream today!

i have a dream that one day every student shall be excited, and every teacher and class shall teach and seek more knowledge than expected in order to prepare students for the world outside of the four walls of their classroom.

Tisha Poncio
Celina, Texas

Congratulations, Tisha! Do you have a mobile learning dream? Share your comments with Tisha by posting below.

  • allisyn

    Really inspiring, Tisha! We’re so thrilled to be able to feature such a powerful perspective on teaching in the 21st century! Congratulations.