Webinar Alert: Earth Awareness with netTrekker Search & BrainPOP

Search & Rescue: Earth Awareness Resources from netTrekker Search & BrainPOP
Wednesday, April 6, 2011
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

Our Tatum Murphy and netTrekker’s Danielle Abernethy team up to tackle Earth Awareness Month. See how these two resources facilitate meaningful participation in current event issues among your students. We’ll share creative activity ideas and samples of how to organize your resources so you don’t have to recreate year after year.

RSVP: http://searchandrescue.eventbrite.com/

  1. Tatum said:

    Sheridan- isn’t it amazing how technology is constantly changing and evolving? We have tons of webinars in our archive if you want to surf topics, lots of technology oriented webinars for you to choose from!

  2. Sheridan said:

    This was my first experience with BrainPop and I was amazed at how technology has changed for teachers and kids. I have been out of teaching for a few years and am looking to update myself. THis was a great place to start!

  3. WilliamKing said:

    I use Brain Pop to teach math and social studies to middle school special education students. I enjoyed the spotlight feature and plan on using it to differentiate while providing cross- curricular activities to help address my students learning needs.

  4. Penny MacLachlan-Hill said:

    My first time at a BrainPop Webinar and it was terrific! A wealth of information was provided with a great deal of interaction between participants and presenters. This facilitated a great exchange of ideas and suggestions for using the various components of BrainPop in daily teaching and learning! Great tips and well worth the time!!

  5. Andrea McWhirt said:

    Really nice partnership between BrainPop and IMAX. I look forward to using these two resources together.

  6. Kathleen Harvey said:

    The students love Brain Pop so I am sure they will love the follow up movies on Eaarth Awareness.

  7. Kathleen Harvey said:

    Love this webinar and got plenty of resources to use for my Activity group for April. We wrote letters about starting recycling programs in their neighborhoods and this will be a nice follow up.