Fostering Creative APP-titutes Using iPod Touches

Karen Bosch teaches K – 8 technology and K – 5 art at Southfield Christian School in Southfield, Michigan.  She is one of five winners in the Mobile Learning Experience Contest and a 2007 Apple Distinguished Educator. Join us in giving Karen kudos, as she shares her vision of  how mobile devices positively impact student learning!


Fostering Creative APP-titutes in Children using Mobile Devices

Last week 6 new iPod touch devices “joined” our school community and I couldn’t be more delighted! Our students will use them to explore topics using search, map, reference, and video apps (such as BrainPop) and will enjoy practicing math and grammar skills using learning games.  But my primary vision of how students will use the iPods is to take the information and skills they are learning and use the devices to design products that creatively share their knowledge with others.

The National Educational Technology Standards state that 21st century learners need to be able to use technology to demonstrate creative and innovative thinking that applies existing knowledge to generate creative ideas or products. I believe the drawing tools, video and still cameras, and voice recorders that are included in mobile devices like the iPod touch and iPad will shift the usage of these devices from consumption to creativity!  Students can produce amazing products that can be shared with the world using simple publication tools.

Since I am both an art and technology teacher, I am exploring ways to link both disciplines using the devices. Already the 4th and 5th graders used an app called Fotobabble to talk about their watercolor paintings of tropical birds.  I created an online video using photos that the 1st graders took of their yarn paintings.  Middle schoolers had fun exploring camera effects and using musical instrument apps to add sound effects to the podcasts they were recording.  Next week the 2nd and 3rd graders will take pictures of papier-mâché penguins they made and use StoryKit to record a penguin storybook that will be posted online.  I plan to use Audioboo to make audio recording of stories based on 4th grade SuperHero posters and add QR codes so people can listen to the stories using iPods or phones. I can even use the WordPress App to let students blog about what we are doing in class, snap a few pictures, and immediately upload it to our class blog.

Perhaps our other classroom teachers will eventually be able to pry the iPods away from me so their students can use them to create science podcasts, record video interviews with historical characters, and make slide shows from field trip photos. I am excited to see how putting these mobile devices into the hands of our students will expand their learning by unlocking their creative APP-titute!

Karen Bosch
Southfield, Michigan

Congratulations, Karen! How do you unlock your students’ creative App-titutes? Post your comments below.

  • Edie

    Kudos to Karen! She is one of the most enthusiastic and creative teachers my son had in elementary school. It is great to see her gain recognition beyond her school community.

  • Tatum

    Thanks, Edie! We also could see her enthusiasm, knowledge, and creativity through her guest blog post. Her students sure are lucky to have her as their teacher.