Special Guest Series: BrainPOP in Berlin! Week 5

Chris Carter’s  saga with BrainPOP ESL in Germany continues with week 5…

Day Twenty

There’s a bug going around the school, maybe all of Berlin! I was sick on Monday, so we will return to BrainPOP ESL tomorrow.

Day Twenty One

We are back in action with BrainPOP ESL, we are at Level 1, 3.4 Any Cookies?.

The Warm Up! activity was more difficult than the You Can Do It! activity.  The Play It! game was a challenge too.  Not only did it require more reading, but it involved more critical thinking, which I like.  I read the questions out loud and the students tried to choose the correct answer.  I’ve noticed that the activities are repeated at different levels, so the next time we do these, they should be easier.

Day Twenty Two

We watched the Thanksgiving movie on BrainPOP Jr.  This movie was easier to follow than the Rainforests movie we watched last week.  We played the game afterwards.  It was called Moby’s Match.  It’s a memory game that reviewed Thanksgiving words from the movie.  Everyone could play because Annie read the words aloud when the students clicked on them.  We had to play twice so that everyone got a turn.  Luckily, the cards are shuffled at the end of the memory games so you can replay them over and over again without getting bored!

Day Twenty Three

We played the BrainPOP ESL game for Let’s Go Outside! (Level 1, 3.5).  The game was fantastic.  Ben has to climb a mountain full of dangerous obstacles.  Each time he reaches a ledge, there is a prompt and the student has to correctly identify the corresponding picture.  It was far and away the most entertaining game to date; the students went wild.  I started to wonder if we were having a bit too much fun.

Student H asked me to read the prompts, but I didn’t.  Student B read it for her instead.  Then Student H quickly chose the right answer.  After that, everyone turned to Student B for help.  I let her read for the others but they had to choose the correct picture on their own.

We ran out of time in the end.  They couldn’t believe it when I said that we were out of time.  We left poor Ben on a ledge where he was being bombarded by giant snowballs.  Talk about a cliff-hanger!

Day Twenty Four

We started where we left off yesterday with the game, but now Ben was at the bottom of the mountain again.  The students raced to the front of the class to get in line for their turns.  Several of them tried to figure out which student would have to climb past the snakes.

When we reached the top of the mountain the whole class started shouting, “Again!  Again!”. Maybe we’ll play it one more time on Monday.

Are you using BrainPOP internationally? Do you have tips for Chris? We’d love to hear about it! Please post comments below.