Guest Blog: “POP” Rocks!

We met Melissa Katz at the  Celebration of Teaching and Learning conference Tweet-Up, hosted by BrainPOP and Promethean.  She was eager to share with us how much she loved both BrainPOP and Promethean ActivExpressions.  Check out how she successfully integrates them into her learning environment.

BrainPOP ROCKS in my classroom!  I use BrainPOP mostly to introduce or reinforce a lesson.  BrainPOP movies are the perfect length (3 to 5 minutes) packed with content and perfectly aligned to the NYS science standards! BrainPOP makes it easy for you to connect the content and resources with your state standards via the State Standards Tool.

When I introduce a topic, I will play the movie first and give my students the corresponding BrainPOP vocabulary sheet.  Under each movie, you’ll find an Activity Page section, for you to print or have your students type on directly.  I then send them on a research mission related to a real world problem with the condition that the answer to the research must utilize all of the vocabulary words.  Sometimes students will create PowerPoint presentations and sometimes they will create their own, “BrainPOP movies”.  There is no greater flattery then imitation!

At the end of class, I love to use BrainPOP with my Promethean ActivExpressions! I play the movie again and then start the quiz.  I allow 45 seconds to answer each BrainPOP quiz question and in less than 10 minutes, I get instant data on how well they understood the information.  An outstanding exit slip! This works very well with my classes because not only do they love to use ActiveExpressions, but they love BrainPOP.  Quiz time has transformed into a stress free and fun activity!

I really love BrainPOP because of its flexibility in how it can be used in the classroom. Also, it covers so many topics that address the NYS standards perfectly.  GO GO BrainPOP!

Mellisa Katz
IS-98 The Bay Academy
Brooklyn, NY

Do you have any tips for using BrainPOP with Learner Response Systems or other cool educational technology tools?  Post comments below.