Guest Blog: Alternative Energy Challenge in Japan

We love to hear stories of BrainPOP spanning the globe; we traveled, via the internet, all way to Japan to take a peek into Makky Fung’s classroom. After exploring BrainPOP Educators for ideas, Makky decided to challenge her students to make a BrainPOP-inspired movie about solar energy!

BrainPOP has been a great resource for students in K-6 to learn about various topics through fun short animations.  Our students use it all the time for research, learning, or simply just to watch the fun animation. A group of 3rd grade students were given a challenge to demonstrate their understanding of renewable and non-renewable energy by making their very own BrainPOP-inspired video.

During pre-production time, students learned to ask questions, research on the internet, find and analyze information, write a storyboard with script, download royalty free pictures, and use Keynote to make a multimedia presentation. Take a look at their story boards with scripts here.

Production time was focused on building animation in a Keynote slide show and recording their scripts in Garageband.  Students worked collaboratively in groups of four. They were very good at dividing their tasks and listening to each other’s opinions and ideas.  Most importantly, my students had fun and learned a lot about alternative energy.  The final product is just super fun to watch, check it out here!

Makky Fung
Learning and Teaching Technologies Convenor (Lower School)
Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Have any tips for making BrainPOP inspired movies? Share your thoughts and ideas by posting below.