May Spotlights!

Check out our timely collection of topics, interactive resource, and lesson plans to use during the Month of May and beyond!

Spotlight: Practical Math

You can count on us! This month marks the debut of a brand-new Spotlight dedicated to Practical Math. Explore topics like Comparing Prices, Customary Units, Division, Estimating, Graphs, Interest, Metric Units, Percents, Scale Drawing, Rounding, and Statistics. For K-3, there’s Centimeters, Meters & Kilometers, Inches & Feet, Basic Subtraction, Basic Addition, and Dollars & Cents.

Spotlight: Sports and Fitness

With summer fast approaching, there’s no better time for our Spotlight: Sports and Fitness. Build awareness of healthy habits with topics like Baseball, Body Weight, Obesity, Fitness, Football, Jackie Robinson, and Olympics. On BrainPOP Jr., you’ll find resources tackling Exercise, Bones, and Lungs. Plus, be fashionable and fit – print out a “Get Pumped With Moby” t-shirt iron-on.

How do you reinforce healthy habits with your students? Post ideas and resources below.

  • Darcy Ganick

    I watched 3 of your webinars over the weekend, because I just found out on Friday that our Prof. Dev. credits were due today, and your website was recomended to me. (I am a new teacher, and I thought we had over the summer to finish!)

    I watched:
    1- The Brains behind BrainPop Series- Breaking Down Classroom Walls with Web 2.0
    2- The In’s and Outs of BrainPop Educatiors
    3- Making Connections with Apps

    I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your website!! I leaned so much watching these 3 webinars and I can’t wait to use it next year! Out of all my Proff. Dev. this year I think these 3 hours were the most informative and productive!! I am so glad that I was given your website. This will realy help my planning for next year, with the cirriculum planning chart that incorporates the state standards.
    Thank you so much! I am hoping that you can send me the certificates today as I have to get them posted in Avatar.

    Thanks so much!
    Darcy Ganick

  • Tatum

    Hi Darcy! Thanks for watching three BrainPOP Educators webinars, it’s crunch time:). The state standards tool is a great way to make sure you are covering your state and grade level standards as you plan out your lessons.

    We typically ask for you to post what you learned or continue the conversation for each webinar watched. Don’t worry about updating your post, just remember for next time. We are so glad you will use our resources next year and are impressed with our offerings! We will do our best to to accommodate you, certificates typically take 72 hours to process.