Guest Blog: The First Bike BrainPOP-Inspired Movie

David Di Ianni’s guest blog post came just in time for today’s Featured Movie on Bicycle Safety! Learn about his love of creating BrainPOP-inspired movies with his students and check out their latest piece on the first bicycle!

I am a teacher at The Children’s Institute in Verona, NJ. I have been working for three years in video production with our population of students on the autism spectrum and with behavioral/developmental issues. Video production for our students has been a real boon.  It addresses so many skills that are important for them. There are many reasons why video creation is great for my students, but here is my top ten list:

  1. Practice following a procedure
  2. Student centered project
  3. Work independent of teacher
  4. Work cooperatively
  5. Wee themselves on camera and practice presenting and speaking appropriately
  6. Gain self confidence and self esteem
  7. Learn transferable technical skills
  8. Practice story structure and writing skills
  9. Use visuals to express themselves
  10. Engagement!

I would encourage teachers to utilize video in the classroom as group work projects for all students. I am even conducting a workshop this year at ISTE to train other educators on how to create student-made BrainPOP videos. I did the workshop at a local Ed Tech Conference and we all had a great time!  It was funny to see the participants walking around in my cardboard Moby costume. The teachers definitely left the workshop with excited to create their own BrainPOP-inspired movies.

If you are not joining me for my workshop at ISTE, you can still go ahead and try it out. Your students (even older ones) will have a great time and the learning opportunities are many!

Students start with researching their topic (e.g. the first bike) then write a script in a logical sequence using critical thinking to organize and evaluate, work cooperatively to complete project, learn editing software, and get to further use critical thinking to organize the video they have created. Click here to check out my students’ latest accomplishments, a BrainPOP-inspired movie on the first bike!

The students are always proud to show their work when completed and this causes engagement, which is what it’s all about. Have fun making a Moby costume!

David Di Ianni
Teacher of Television Broadcasting
The Children’s Institute
Verona, New Jersey

Wanting to learn more? Click here for a video tutorial on how to create your very own BrainPOP-inspired movies. Share your video production tips, resources, and ideas with David and our community by posting below.

  • Tatum

    I loved the student made video on the history of bikes and hearing about how beneficial video creation has been in your classroom! Tell your students that they did an excellent job and I’m still wondering who won the bike race – Moby?

  • http://brainpop reagan

    i loved that movie, it wuz awesome!

  • wadii

    I love riding my bike