Guest Series: BrainPOP in Berlin! Week 6

Chris Carter’s saga with BrainPOP ESL in Germany continues with week 6…

Day Twenty Five

What a day!  This morning started out with surprise treats brought in from one of my student’s parents to celebrate a birthday. Everyone filled their bellies with chocolate and other sweets, resulting in 20 kids on a serious sugar high at 9:00 in the morning.

How did BrainPOP Jr. fit into today’s routine?  Well, it provided me with about 15 minutes of calm in the classroom.  This turned out to be just enough time for me to recompose and change my plans to better fit their manic energy.

Day Twenty Six

The sugar high seems to have continued, as my students were just as boisterous and giggly as yesterday.   Again, BrainPOP Jr. gave me a period of calm while the learning continued.  Of course I don’t want to use video, even interactive video, to sedate my students but I also don’t want to understate the peaceful beauty of a quiet and fully focused class.  I’m glad Moby had my back.

Day Twenty Seven

Ah, finally a semi-normal day.  We were on a roll, so decided to stick with BrainPOP Jr. again this morning.  This time we used it for math.  One of my colleagues suggested it to me; she said it was great and she was right.  We watched the basic addition movie.

I thought it would be a good review.  I was bit piqued to see Annie lay down (in six minutes flat) four concepts that took me as many weeks to teach.  She’s a bit too keen that Annie.  I think we’ll watch it again next week but slow it down to two minute sections by using the pause feature.  We have some slates the students can use to answer Annie’s notebook questions before she answers them herself.

Day Twenty Eight

Back to good ol’ BrainPOP ESL, Level 1, Unit 5, Lesson 4 Was It an Accident?. Moby had their attention from the very first second today.  He’s all bandaged up, and of course, they want to know what happened.  Ben makes it last and we find out in the end that Moby fell out of bed.  This led to some good accident stories from my students.

Day Twenty Nine

We moved on to Level 1, Unit 5, Lesson 5 Happy Birthday!. This lesson would have been perfect to use on day Twenty Five when the sweets took over my students. Next student birthday, we’ll circle back to it.

Student C, who still thinks Moby is the world’s slowest English student, now wants to know why Nikki can’t speak.  “She doesn’t even beep!” complained Student C.  She’s right.  We did hear her go, “Lalalalalala” once, but that was it.   I would also like Nikki to start talking.  She spends too much time standing demurely and looking pretty.  Strangely, Student C seems to accept that Ed doesn’t say anything.  Maybe she doesn’t expect as much from him.  Perhaps because of his goofy smile.

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