Webinar Alert: Summer Sizzling Learning with BrainPOP

Summer Sizzling Learning with BrainPOP

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

Keep young minds growing and learning with BrainPOP throughout the summer. We’ve got tons on Math, Grammar, Study Skills, Science, Social Studies, and more for your student(s) to review and PREPARE for the upcoming school year. We’ll SHARE creative ideas to make learning fun over the summer!

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  • Andrew Alvarez

    Thanks! Very educational webinar.

  • Thelma Metzger

    this was my first webinar ever. At first I was worried that I was supposed to be in New York! I use Brainpops regularly. However, I didn’t know many of the options such as closed captioning, or FYI. Thanks! I will sign up for another webinar from my own computer in Tennessee!

  • http://brainpop.com Dawn

    I really enjoyed this webinar…it was my first one and a great experience! I especially enjoyed looking at the different websites that add to students’ learning experiences, such as pixton, animoto, and glogster. I’ve looked at glogster briefly but over the summer I am definitely interested in looking into all of these websites further. Thank you for all of the useful information!

  • Susan Westcott

    I learned a lot of great things to share with my 4th graders. I currently use brainpop but learned many new things. I can’t wait to use some of the graphic organizers and worksheets. Also excited to use pixton and glogster.

  • http://egordon3.edublogs.org Ellen Gordon

    Thanks for another great webinar! I look forward to using some time this summer to plan ahead and play with creating some “Glogster/BrainPop Webquests” for some of my units next year. I’m also looking forward to having my students use more of the typeable activities on our netbooks either independently or in small groups! THANKS!

  • Melisha Montague

    Great presentation. Recommendation to use Web 2.0 tools will be very useful. Printing Topic List for handy reference with lesson planning was also helpful. Thanks again for the presentation.

  • Debbie Kranzusch

    This was my first webinar on my own, and it was painless to access and stay involved. Thorough preparation was obvious as was a genuine interest in how the audience was utilizing the site. I am a huge BrainPop fan and have used it in my classroom for almost 3 years. I did learn some new things today and can’t wait to try some of the Web 2.0 tools! Thanks so much!

  • Claudia

    I have used brainpop for about a year at home with my kids and they love it. This is my first webinar and I liked all the new information presented. I especially liked the new information on pixton, my daughters would really enjoy using that technology.

  • Jessica s

    This webinar was very educational. I not only learned more information about Brainpop, but also other great sites like glogster and animoto. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Kristine Camille de los Reyes

    It’s a great help for starting teachers like me. Thanks for the field trip ideas.

  • barbarahathorn

    Summer Sizzling Learning gave me wonderful ideas to help my children during the summer months.

  • kgaut30

    Thanks for the great webinar! I am definitely interested in looking into all of these websites further. I will be using more of the typeable activities and intergrating Glogster and BrainPoP next school year. Thanks!!