Webinar With Filament Games’ Dan Norton

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Planning a lesson on the Supreme Court? Challenge students to defend their position in a heated game of “Argument Wars.” Trying to explain mitosis? A few rounds of Filament Games’ “Cell Command” might help it make sense. Today, you’ve got resources like these and other top educational games on GameUp to support your curriculum. But that wasn’t always the case.

Dan Norton, co-founder and Creative Director of our partner Filament Games, takes you through the history of classroom gaming in the edWeb Game-Based Learning Community‘s next webinar, July 19 at 4 pm. In this one-hour interactive session, Dan will talk about this area’s pioneers, most venerable titles, and current landscape. He’ll share his unique insight into game design and highlight the reasons a game may succeed or fail in a learning environment.

Check it out, and stay tuned for details on BrainPOP’s own August webinars, coming soon.

edWeb’s “Getting Better Every Day: The Evolution of Learning Games & How to Identify Effective Games for  Your Classroom”
With Filament Games’ Dan Norton
Tuesday, July 19
4 pm EDT
Join live! (no pre-registration required)