Webinar Alert: Back to School With BrainPOP Jr.


Back to School With BrainPOP Jr.: Brush Up on Basics … and Beyond!
Wednesday, September 7
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

Kick off your school year the right way! Join this webinar and learn five things you didn’t know about engaging students with BrainPOP Jr. You’ll leave confident you’re getting the most out of our K-3 resource.

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  1. msclafani said:

    This webinar was wonderful!. I’ve used BrainPop before, but getting to know BrainPop, Jr. was great, and I was really amazed with the many ways for students to respond. I can’t wait to be able to incorporate these various ways to respond with my students.

  2. lizvidal said:

    I participated that day and it was great. I thought I knew Brainpop pretty well but I learned so many new things. Thanks

  3. alisharudolph said:

    This was a great way to have a great refresher on the site. I never knew that there are graphic organizers and writing prompts. I am looking forward to using these and integrating them into my Brain Pop Jr. lessons.

  4. jclawson said:

    I loved being able to watch an archived Webinar…..I loved learning about the educator resources and the fact that you can choose the state you teach in and the grade, and from there BrainPop provides lessons/videos, etc that are aligned to our specific standards. My class just LOVES Annie and Moby!

  5. aschaeffer1 said:

    I used Brain Pop last year with my EIS students. Great movies on grammar and the ESL section was a hit with a pre-emergent student. He loved Moby! This year I will use the link to all lessons and lesson plans and the Educator page for graphic resources and blogs.Thanks BP!

  6. ericat63 said:

    I love how I was able to still watch the webinar even though I missed it on Wednesday. I am familiar with BrainPop and it was really interesting learning about BrainPop Jr. This BrainPop educators website looks like it has a lot of great resources. I will definitely be exploring it further as the year goes on.

  7. vacubfan said:

    I’ve only used Brain Pop a few times so this was just the introduction I was looking for. I can’t wait to investigate the math section and the kids were wanting more information about earthquakes since we’ve had one so close to home.

  8. Ewooderts said:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar. I like the fact that if you forget to join on the live chat, you can still interact at a later time. Also, are there any private tutors using BrainPopJr.?

  9. kpsprek said:

    I have been using brainpopjr for a few years to introduce my science units to our Pre-K class. The students love it! I enjoyed the webinar and liked the idea of pausing with each question to let the children brainstorm the answers first and make predictions. I will also check out the archived webinars as well.

  10. deborahjcorder said:

    I really needed a refresher for this awesome site! I must say, though, that I cannot wait until BrainPopJr is accessible through iPad. Thanks for the great overview!

  11. anamariavarela said:

    I am taking a sabbatical, and one of the things I wanted to do was to learn more about technology in the class. These Webinars are a fun and interesting way for me to get started on this journey of not letting technology leave me behind.

  12. hardingtn1 said:

    Thank you so much. I can’t wait to tell my teachers about the after hours access!!

  13. jodystone said:

    I plan to do an after school workshop to show staff more about BrainPop & BrainPop Jr. I’ll have them sign up for BrainPop Educators..

  14. ameasaurus said:

    This webinar was excellent. I’ve used BrainPop before, but getting to know BrainPop, Jr. was great, and I was really impressed with the multiple ways for students to respond. I am really excited to be able to incorporate these various ways to respond with my students with disabilities. Thanks!

  15. lvandyk said:

    Brainpop is a great additional resource to the district text material we already have in math, science, and social studies. The kids enjoy Moby and Annie, and the little adventure they take the class on each time. Keep up the great work!

  16. nashmonkey said:

    Thanks for the information on the webinar. I learned something new: Brainpop Jr. Educators. Very cool! Love the graphic organizers! Thanks again!