Webinar Alert: Getting Scientific With GameUp


Note Later Starting Time: Wednesday, February 29 6:30PM ET

Join 4th-grade teacher and BrainPOP advisor Robert Miller for an in depth exploration of using GameUp games in science class.  Learn how playing well-designed educational games is not only great fun, but can help students build mental models of complex systems.

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  1. kkoch3 said:

    The more I see these webinars, the happier I am that my district has subscribed to the BrainPop website! The students love the movies already and I’m looking forward to using these new games in the next school year. I work with special ed students and I think the games would really help enforce the concepts they have learned. Great job, Robert and Andrew :)

  2. udon40 said:

    That was a great webinar and I really like the Game UP feature. This webinar had a lot of really cool games that I know my students will enjoy. This is a great way to reward students for their hard work and they are still doing something beneficial. Thanks a lot!!!

  3. anavasquez said:

    I think the games are really great they help at any level.

  4. krisbb23 said:

    great webinar just like everyone else I loved the games and the fact you showed us a few of them. Thank You

  5. moose28 said:

    I recently joined BrainPOP. My students love it! I have limited computers in my classroom and the computer chips in a fish bowl is a great way to make sure everyone is jumping on my few computers. I can not wait to participate in the April webinars.
    Thank you!!

  6. mcharnell said:

    Great ideas for including interactive and discovery learning with games to teach standards. Thank you.

  7. bkrauss said:

    Dear Andrew:
    Thank you for hosting this wonderful webinar on Wednesday. I came back to school & immediately contacted the teachers to let them know about this great resource. This is the first webinar I’ve done where we played a game!
    Thank you very much.

  8. amyvilla said:

    Really loved hearing about the interactive game options on BrainPop. Thanks!

  9. jsu8005n said:

    This was such an enlightening webinar! I am currently doing my student teaching, this semester, in a fifth grade class, so I am always up for trying new things we the students in my classes. Thank you so much for all the awesome information!

    • andrewg said:

      Hi Roopa, we love to hear that you’re using BrainPOP and GameUp as part of your student teaching assignment. How did you hear about us?

  10. eufenemi said:

    Thank you for great information about different games!eye opening!

  11. sgailyard said:

    My students love watching clips on BrainPop. I can’t wait to show them the Game Up feature! Also, really loved the earphone splitter!

  12. sandrai said:

    Thanks for the informative webinar. Look forward to using the games with my class. I also look forward to playing the games myself ;-)

  13. heidikoz said:

    I enjoyed the webinar! I like how the students can use the movies as the resource for their strategies with the games and that the games cannot be easily mastered within a few minutes. Thanks again Robert and Andrew!

    • andrewg said:

      Heidi, thanks for recognizing that. We feel it’s really important to provide scaffolding within the game play environment for GameUp games. As Robert said during the webinar, the videos provide that immediate help for students who may need clarification about a concept in order to succeed in the game!

  14. msdebuae said:

    Thanks for the guided tour through some of the games, and your extensions. I am so buying some splitters for my headphones!

  15. reneemom said:

    I may order the germ gel you suggested! Amazing!

  16. reneemom said:

    The lesson about germs is ideal for this time of year!

  17. reneemom said:

    Wonderful webinar! I loved the planet game! i look forward to trying this with my students! Thanks again!