Google & BrainPOP Play Nicely Together!

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Did you know that BrainPOP supports integration with Google Apps for Education? Simply installing the BrainPOP Marketplace App will provide your school with Single Sign-On and a Quiz GradeBook!  So what does this mean to you, BrainPOP and Google Apps for Education user? Single Sign-On means that  BrainPOP is conveniently accessible directly from Google Apps. After logging into your Google account, click BrainPOP from the “more” drop down menu, and voila, complete BrainPOP access, with no need to log in separately.  Gradebook means that you can automatically track student progress on BrainPOP quizzes through the integration with Google spreadsheets. After completing a quiz, students can enter your email address and their quiz results will be instantly pushed into the BrainPOP spreadsheet in your account!

Google Apps Marketplace users are raving about the BrainPOP integration.  With a perfect, 5 star, rating and many glowing quotables, installing the App should be a no brainer for any school using both BrainPOP and Google Apps.

BrainPOP is also excited to demo this integration at next week’s NY/NJ Google Apps for Education Summit.  However, for those who can’t make it to New Jersey, we are hosting the BrainPOP Plays Nicely with Google free webinar next Wednesday, March 21st at 5:30PM ET. Join us to learn specifics for set up and deployment, then sit back and enjoy added functionality that comes when combining these two great products!



  • bkrauss

    Thanks for the webinar.
    Am anxious to share this information with our technical advisor to find out about integrating this throughout the district.
    The librarians/computer teachers are meeting tomorrow for curriculum writing. I’ll discuss this with them at that time.
    Please send a certificate of participation to
    Thanks a bunch!

  • dgravatt

    Thanks for the webinar. The quiz feature of BrainPOP will be very helpful to use with our Google Apps for Education account. I am looking forward to getting the App!

  • msclafani

    Thanks so much for the webinar. I am looking forward to getting the App

  • kfelter


    I viewed the archived version of Brainpop plays nicely with Google. It was a little confusing to me since my school does not have Google Apps for Education. May make the suggestion. I liked the single sign on, and having spread sheets for saving the quiz results.
    Thank You, Kathie Felter

  • udon40

    Thanks for this awesome webinar. I really enjoyed all of the valuable information. The Google Apps for Education looks like a great tool to use in my classroom. Keep up the great work.