Webinar Alert: BrainPOP Plays Nicely with Google!


Wednesday, March 21 5:30PM ET:
BrainPOP Plays Nicely with Google

Join Manager of BrainPOP Educators, Andrew Gardner, and Kyle Levenick, Director of Subscriber Relations, for an overview of BrainPOP’s integration with Google Application for Education and the Google Chrome web application. By integrating Google and BrianPOP, you have the power of single sign on, the ability to collect quiz score data directly into a spreadsheet, and more!

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  • bondm

    Love that students can send scores directly to their teacher via BrainPop/GAFE.

  • jdevaul

    Nice Job on the Webinar! I’ll be looking forward to sharing the archived video with the other techies at my schools. I’m ready to dive in to google apps tomorrow! Thanks again!

  • jmsmith4

    really love how google apps can have a quick link to brain pop it’ll make it much faster to not have to log in

  • dj4412

    I have already contacted out district’s tech!! Can’t wait to take Brainpop jr to the next level!

  • dj4412

    I have already contacted our district’s tech!! Can’t wait to take Brainpop jr to the next level!

  • nspbruin

    Exciting to be able to use the Brainpop quizzes as collectable data via spreadsheets. I am going to investigate the GAFE stuff tomorrow so we can make this happen at my school. My students LOVE Brainpop!! Thank you.

  • hesayer

    Hi there
    Thanks for the great session!
    I have already put in a request with the school’s admin for the google app to be added!
    Looking forward to trying this out! Especially the direct movie link :D
    Cheers from Australia!

  • landgraf

    Thanks Andrew!

  • harrispop1

    I am new to all of this so thanks for the all the information – it was very helpful! I LOVE using BrainPOP!!! Keep up the great work!

  • macole

    Going to share this with my school’s tech. specialist NOW. One more reason to have student Google accounts.

  • bridgetc2399

    Love it! That is great to have scores sent to a spreadsheet for you!

  • jskress

    Thanks for the webinar. Will be great to get the students quiz results!

  • mirvin22

    Really looking forward to using GAFE and BrainPOP together – thank you

  • mwhite222

    Looks like this is a really nice pairing of 2 great learning tools! Looking forward to seeing more innovations. :o)

  • jpeters62

    Will look into Chrome & Google Marketplace app. We LOVE BrainPOP!

  • sbremer67

    I am very excited to begin using this with my students. Thanks for the demo!

  • cakosmo

    Do you think some of the other brainpop features will be able to be accessed through google apps in the near future?
    Also is the sign in to google chrome store just your google apps login? I am unsure about this. I am looking forward to sharing this information with our IT coordinator. I think it has to go through them.

  • fdallago

    I plan on setting up the google chrome link. I think that will come in handy. We don’t offer the google apps here at our school, hopefully we will in the future. The spread sheet is pretty neat.

  • hchisholmperry

    Love the quiz idea where the teacher gets to see the students results!

  • dburr5

    Thanks much for the webinar. Thanks especially for the new Google App.

    I started using BrainPop last year at the advice of a science teacher colleague. We convinced the rest of the faculty to buy into a school-wide account. We plan to get great use of it this month as we all review for State Competency Tests. I did this last year and I and the kids loved it. I believe it really helped our results.

    When i saw this Google App in an email from you I knew this would very much enhance our review work as I’ll be able to quantify the kids quiz results very well.

    Thanks again. Great stuff!

    Dave Burr
    Dixie High School Chemistry/Physics
    St. George, Utah

  • dburr5

    Please send a link for professional development credit. Thanks.

  • christinelc

    LOVE the fact that quiz results are automatically summarized in an Excel spreadsheet. Totally cool.

  • ashleye

    Very useful information regarding Google Apps for Education. Enjoyed learning about collecting the quiz score data.

  • showell2011

    Well…I thought I knew what I was doing with BrainPop and GAFE separately, but now I want to play around a bit with them now that I’ve seen how they can work in conjunction with each other. I’ll have to use some of my kids as guinea pigs!

  • bmefastt

    This was my first BrainPop webinar and the quality of the transmission was great. The sound came through very well. We only have one ipad in our school so far, but I will use the information I learned today to justify ordering more ipads through our foundation that funds requests for technology. This would be a great way for a student to view a BrainPop movie using an ipad with Google apps. I mostly use BrainPopJr. and am looking forward to you adding it. Thanks, Sharon Niedzwiecki

  • nhulsewede

    Great info! We are looking to take our school into the 21st century, where students have individual tablets and have access to a cloud host data base. Deploying a BrainPop app to each students tablet is ideal.

  • reneemom

    Thank you for another great webinar! I will share information i gathered with co-workers! Thanks again.

  • novaterra

    This was my first BrainPOP webinar and I am looking forward to creating my Google Apps account so I can use all the cool features that this site provides. I also learned that I could link the students’ assessment straight into a spreadsheet from BrainPop. Thank you

  • sdimas

    I had no idea that BrainPop and Google could be used together. I love the idea of the BrainPop quiz being sent to the google account as a spread sheet!!!

  • jeniferw1

    Great for Google App. Glad they can be used together.

  • mylamccoy

    My school, with the help of our wonderful librarians/media staff, uses Google Apps for many things. I was happy to see that we are using tools that other schools are using! Combining Google App. and BrainPOP is great! I love the fact that using these will eliminate things like the paper/pencil quizzes that were so popular when I first started teaching almost 20 years ago. Our district is implementing a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) initiative among all of the high schools, so using Google with BrainPOP will be fascinating. I can’t wait!

  • kmalady

    I’m glad I checked out this webinar. I started using Google Chrome a while ago & I’m new to BrainPop. I’ve been looking for a way to speed up the time students can see their data on quizzes as well as find a way to organize the class data better. This is awesome!

  • jacksonian5151

    The ability to quiz students and have scores sent to me is awesome!!!!! Such a huge time saver!!!!! Well Done!!!!

  • kristycrawford

    We are becoming a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) to school next year, and I am just becoming proficient with many of the Google Apps that we have available. Knowing that BrainPOP works well with Google Apps will make my transition much easier!

  • leonard.nat

    Thank you for sharing new ways to use Google Apps. I have started using google apps this year in my classes – but am still just learning how to incorporate it into class. Its great to know we can connect from BrainPop to Google Apps!

  • r.stanley1989

    Thank you for all of the great information about Google Apps. I believe that Google is starting to taking over the world and is apart of our lives just about everyday. Everybody is familiar with Google, but I don’t think a lot of people really know how valuable Google can be. This webinar has taught me a lot about Google Apps, and I definitely look forward to using this in the near future.