BrainPOP and Google Apps for Education

Google BrainPOP integration

We’re excited about the ability for users of BrainPOP and Google Apps to connect the services. By doing so, everyone benefits from the ease of single sign on (sso) and the ability to send quiz scores directly to a Google spreadsheet. The embedded slideshow below will walk you through the ease of installation, but if you want a more detailed explanation, check out the webinar from March 2012. If you’re in a school that uses Google Apps and BrainPOP already, this integration is a no brainer!

  1. justinalexander said:

    This appears to be a great marriage of two useful classroom components. I use google docs frequentley in class. Having another tool to integrate will be a nice addition to some of the activites that are already in place. I am sure I will find some other new uses as well.

  2. andrewg said:

    Aha, excellent question. Clearly I didn’t read your comment closely! Sorry about that, we all make mistakes, right? Anyway integration for BrainPOP jr isn’t yet available, will keep you (and everyone else reading) posted.

  3. Liz Andrews said:

    Thanks Andrew –
    I can’t wait to use this next year!

    I am able to submit a score from BrainPOP, but is this available in the Junior version? (I tried and was unsuccessful.)


  4. andrewg said:

    HI Liz,

    We’re super excited too. . . the best part is that there is no need to “email” results into a spreadsheet. When you install the google marketplace app to your google domain, you will get a new option to submit score directly to google spreadsheet (see slide 4 above)!

  5. Liz Andrews said:

    This is awesome!
    We just got Google Apps for our school – and I am wondering if/when you will have the ability to email the results into a Google Spreadsheet from BrainPOP Junior?

    Liz Gatewood Andrews