Be a Landform Detective! Check out Our New Science Game.

Landform Detectives Science Game

There’s a new free science game available on BrainPOP’s GameUp! Landform Detectives is a science game which functions as a “digital lab” in which students take a fascinating virtual trip through the processes of geology. Students will look at mountains, valleys, rivers, canyons, and glaciers in a whole new way as they solve the puzzle of how they got to be that way and how long it took to happen.

Landform Detectives is a fun way to allow students to explore and compare the processes of weathering and erosion. They’ll analyze how weathering and erosion affects Earth’s changing face and how it forms the soil that supports life on Earth. Students will also examine landforms and identify the processes that may have created them.

You can use this lesson at any time during your geology study. Younger students, English Language Learners, and others who need basic background knowledge on the topic may want to explore BrainPOP Jr.’s Landforms and/or Slow Land Changes movies. Use the variety of related BrainPOP topics to help develop student understanding of plate tectonics and the earth’s structure:
Continents of the WorldEarthEarth’s StructureErosionGeography ThemesGeologic Time, and Plate Tectonics. You can also tie in social studies connections by exploring the topics on continents and geography.

There are several student worksheets to go with the game: these are available in the Landform Detectives lesson plan under “Downloadable Resources.” You can also create a free account on the game developer’s website (JASON Mission Control Lab) to check out other related resources. Or, explore the entire collection of science games in GameUp!