Free Online Games for Learning About Cells

cell command

Did you know that BrainPOP’s GameUp features two fun games to help students learn about cells? Both games are adaptable for students in grades 6 through 12.

Cell Command (pictured above) provides students with the opportunity to virtually explore cell structures. During game play, students take the helm of a command center of a “cell ship,” working with crew members at their cellular stations. As students embark on different missions, they’ll assist crew members with their duties based on whatever cellular crises emerge. Along the way, crew members will increase their stats and earn station perks. Students will initially start the game as a lowly crew member, working on a single station and improving their own station skills. Completing missions will earn cell credits, allowing players to upgrade their cell ship, their own commander skills or the skills of their crew. By completing all missions the player will unlock Exploration mode and win the game, having learned key concepts in cell biology. More background information on the game can be found on the Filament Games website and in our Animal Cells Lesson Plan: Cell Command.

Control of the Cell Cycle allows students to explore the cell cycle through a digital simulation. During game play, students will play the role of a “cell division supervisor.” Inside the cell nucleus, they are to steer the cell division process to make sure everything happens in the right order. They also have to make controls now and then to make sure nothing happened with the genetic material on the way. If they make too many mistakes, the energy level in the cell will drop and the cell division will not be able to proceed. The challenge is to complete the game and to make sure that the cell was correctly divided. You can find more information about this game on the website, or check out our Mitosis Lesson Plan: Control of the Cell Cycle.

Understanding cells has never been more interactive! Be sure to check out all of our free online games in GameUp!