Google Integration Comes to BrainPOP Jr.


Does your school have Google Apps for Education and a BrainPOP Jr. subscription? Well then, today’s your lucky day!  BrainPOP Jr. is now available in the Google Apps Marketplace and is designed to provide convenience of single sign on! School-wide BrainPOP Jr. subscribers who use Google Apps will no longer need to log in separately. After installing the free plug in, BrainPOP Jr. will appear listed in the “more” menu of each user’s Google account.   Teachers and students alike will appreciate the seamless school-wide access from Google Apps to BrainPOP Jr.®’s award-winning educational movies.  

If you’re an administrator for the school’s Google Apps account, visit the Google Apps MarketPlace, and make the simple install.  If you’re not a administrator – find one and ask!

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