Teaching Financial Literacy? Learn About Debt!


Teaching financial literacy?

Debt, the newest BrainPOP movie,  explores why individuals, businesses, and even governments sometimes need to borrow money in order to invest in the future. Discover how lenders charge interest to borrowers, and how this interest is calculated. Learn why your credit history is so important, and how late payments and defaults affect it. Find out why governments borrow money, and the securities that governments sell. Finally, you’ll learn about America’s burgeoning national debt. Debt is a timely topic, so click this movie and learn more about it!

You can find more financial literacy content: from budgets and banking, to stocks and taxes  in our “money matters” spotlight.  On GameUp, check out games such as Ice Cream Truck, from Hooda Math, in which players must budget and plan a successful ice cream business.  The Budget Hero game puts the player into the role of federal budget maker – what services will you provide or sacrifice in order to balance the federal budget?

How are you using BrainPOP to help build financial literacy with your students?  Let us know in the comments!