Planet Mechanic Science Game: Now on GameUP!


The Planet Mechanic science game is a fun way to allow students to explore the planets in our solar system and their specific properties. Players have the ability to experiment with a planet orbiting a star and to alter the planet’s core attributes of atmosphere, tilt, rotation, and moon. They will be challenged to create specific planetary conditions to appease the ever-changing whims of a race of aliens living on the planet. The aliens will require alterations in temperature, atmosphere, seasons, day length, tides, and even eclipses to meet certain living conditions from level to level. Students will be able to model how a planet’s attributes work together to impact the properties and conditions of that world.

You can view a three minute game trailer to see Planet Mechanic in action, or this teacher support and assessment materials screencast for an overview of the related resources we offer for the game on BrainPOP. There’s a lesson plan, game play discussion questions, assessment ideas, and even an in-depth game guide made available by Filament Games.

We’d love to hear how you’re using Planet Mechanic to help your students learn about the planets. Please share your ideas in the comments!