New on GameUp: Reach for the Sun


Reach for the Sun was awarded Best Gameplay by Games for Change in 2013, and we are thrilled to feature it on GameUp! This single-player resource management game allows students to control a plant, growing it across a season to make as many seeds as possible before winter comes. Players use water, nutrients, and starch to expand the plant from a little seed into an extensive network of roots, leaves, and flowers. Roots and leaves are used to generate more resources, and flowers are used to produce seeds, which are also used as a currency outside of levels to unlock new types of plants, as well as improvements for the garden.

Reach for the Sun is a fantastic way for students to explore photosynthesis, plant anatomy, the role of male and female components in pollination, and the cycle of life and death. We love the bigger mission behind the game: check out this interview with Abby Friesen, game designer at Filament games, to learn how Filament designed Reach for the Sun to make social impact and give back to society.

Our Reach for the Sun lesson idea page provides lots of helpful support resources, including a brief game trailer, a complete lesson plan, and suggested teaching strategies, and game-specific SnapThought tool prompts. The SnapThought tool, which is available for all My BrainPOP users, allows students to capture snapshots of significant moments in their gameplay with opportunities for brief written reflection.

Filament has produced a number of other high-quality science games which you can find on BrainPOP’s GameUp, so be sure to explore Prisoner of EchoYou Make Me SickCell CommandPlanet Mechanic, and Crazy Plant Shop. Happy gaming!