Prisoner of Echo Science Game is Live on GameUp!


Check out Prisoner of Echo science game to learn how students can explore the properties of sound through fun and engaging game play. Prisoner of Echo allows them to take on the role of a researcher trapped on the asteroid 60 Echo in a facility patrolled by robots gone haywire. These robots rely exclusively on sound to navigate their surroundings, communicate, and detect escapees. To foil the bots and escape the base, students must use their wits, their knowledge about the properties of sound, and a special Sonic Visualizer device, which allows them to see sound waves. You can see the game in action by watching the game trailer.

In addition to teaching the basic principles of sound and waves, Prisoner of Echo can be used to reinforce reading comprehension and English language learning. Our lesson plan provides some ideas to help you use the game with your students.

If you’re a My BrainPOP user, you’ll be happy to learn that Prisoner of Echo includes access to the SnapThought tool so students can take snapshots of significant moments during gameplay and caption them. Game-specific SnapThought prompts are provided on the lesson ideas page.

Have you used Prisoner of Echo with your students? Share your experiences in the comments!



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    good tool however students I believe are over exposed to this type of interactive game.

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    thumbs up