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Help Itzi the spider climb the clock to rescue his family! Solve angle puzzles to reveal a path through each level’s maze of tangled webs.
Test your addition skills and speed! Destroy falling sum blocks by clicking on connected digit blocks. Add fast, or the sum blocks will stack up!
A hurricane has just hit the city of Port Douglas. As editor-in-chief of an online magazine, can you help the residents weather the storm?
Explore the events of the American Revolution by examining key objects, weapons, documents, and art.
Test out your persuasive abilities by arguing real Supreme Court cases. Craft the strongest argument to defeat the opposing lawyer and win!
Learn about the challenges of poverty by managing the budget, health, education, and work life of a family of five in rural Haiti.
Collect stars and explode paper ships by estimating their position on a number line. This game is used for educational research. Small aspects of gameplay will vary.
You can code! Build a simple computer application by programming “tag” blocks to reach your target – no typing required. (Not compatible with IE8)
Which branch is it? Sort powers of the U.S. government into three branches: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.
Do something that no one else can: control all three branches of government at the same time!
Build your own solar system! Discover how gravity can create very different systems of planets and stars that change over time.
Learn about the human digestive system with this fascinating drag-and-drop interactive. You'll never look at digestion the same way again!
Learn about the structures and substructures of a sugar maple tree with this drag and drop interactive.
Practice flying an FPG9. Once you’ve mastered the basics, move on to earn your wings. If you earn gold wings, you can even try landing the Space Shuttle!
Build a plane that's ready for flight! Choose a body size, wing shape and engine size to balance the forces of flight and make your plane reach the finish line.
Help the carpenter with his job cutting planks of wood. Measure twice, cut once!
Can you balance the power of the U.S. government's three branches?
Can you balance your diet? Help Chef Solus build the perfect meals for one full day. Don’t forget to look for hidden food items!
Help Tim and Moby master the Chronopticon, a time machine based on the motions of the Earth-Moon-Sun system.
Travel in time to save a lake from pollution! Build strong arguments so people will change their behaviors for the benefit of all.
Create a sustainable ecosystem by correctly layering the different communities in our Winogradsky Column.
Use the systems of the human body to help Fred escape a hungry wolf!
Use coding skills to program a monkey to grab bananas and ride the turtle without falling into the river! This game is not compatible with Safari.
Use the lab to construct your own dinosaur. Then, unleash it into the wild and lead it home!
As Cell Division Supervisor, you must ensure that each cell-cycle stage occurs in the correct order so that millions of cells can divide!
See what it’s like to be a scientist! Choose between four different careers and test your scientific, deductive, and analytical skills.
Help people around the U.S. navigate our court system. Listen carefully to each case, so you can guide them to the right place!
Turn funky salt water into safe drinkable water! Set intake depths, build a workable plant, and make the world a less thirsty place.
Create and locate fractions on a number line to guide your shovel. Earn points by digging and collecting jewels. Not compatible with Safari.
Run your own constitutional law firm! Match clients with lawyers who can meet their needs. The more cases won, the faster your firm grows!
Should students be required to perform community service? Choose an argument and support your claim with this essay builder! This game is not compatible with Safari.
Should the U.S. President be elected by the Electoral College or by popular vote? Choose an argument and support your claim with this essay builder! This game is not compatible with Safari.
Do special interest groups help or harm our political system? Choose an argument and support your claim with this essay builder! This game is not compatible with Safari.
Should kids under the age of 18 be given access to credit cards? Choose an argument and support your claim with this essay builder! This game is not compatible with Safari.
Should countries send armed forces to resolve other nations’ conflicts? Support your claim with this essay builder! This game is not compatible with Safari.
Build your best argument with Drafting Board's online essay builder! This game is not compatible with Safari.
Are we alone? Use the Drake Equation to estimate the likelihood of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.
Drop in for some fun! Make sums of 1 and stop your opponent from doing the same. Practice adding fractions with like and unlike denominators. Not compatible with Safari.
Put your spatial and transformation skills to the test by flipping the Dublox across a variety of tiled terrains!
Step into the President's shoes! Do your best to run a government while keeping the country's citizens healthy and safe.
Grow and harvest flowers to make money in this order-'em-up fractions game. Remember to wait for the bee!
Can you launch a spacecraft from Earth so that it successfully reaches Mars? It's trickier than it sounds!
Food chains come to life! When a chain is correctly put together, it turns into an animated working chain!
Have fun learning about food webs in this two-player game of survival on the Serengeti!
Stop hungry gophers from eating a prized carrot! Freeze or feed the gophers, and defend the carrot by graphing values on a coordinate plane.
Use multiplication and the power of place values to defeat shadowy monsters and restore light to the world!
Help Vector the train get to the station, collect rewards, and avoid dynamite! Use thrusters, slope and friction to hit your target. (This game cannot be played in Internet Explorer 8).
Learn about the interplay of human body systems as you help Moby construct a cyborg Tim!
Try to turn a profit running your own ice cream truck business!
Your skin has been breached! Fight off invading bacteria by commanding teams of specialized cells before infection sets in.
Feeling impulsive? Propel particles, avoiding destruction as you make your way to the goal. Take it fast, take it slow, just don’t crash!
Start as an Asian carp, and then drive a simulation to prevent this invasive species from entering Lake Michigan.
Jelly Bean is a sweet way to build number sense! Practice concepts such as estimation and solving equations using yummy jelly candies.
As a member of the U.S. Congress, you'll draft a bill on an issue you believe in, then take it through the full law-making process!
Learn about adaptation, evolution, and the history of life on Earth as you travel through space as an alien life protecter.
Did you read William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies”? If so, challenge your memory with this game!
Hungry monsters come to feed here. Your mission: Figure out what they want to eat using ratios, multiplication, division, and factoring!
Use prime numbers factoring, multiplication, division, and integers to feed the monster boss a snack!
Command demolition robots using factoring, multiplication, and division. It takes concentration (and a little geometry) to keep your bots on the right path!
Sort falling objects based on their state of matter before time runs out!
Isolate a single microorganism that is causing a dangerous plague outbreak!
It’s 1866. You are Little Fox, a Northern Cheyenne boy. Can you help your tribe survive life on the plains?
Combine little monsters to make as few trips as possible as you drive around the neighborhood on your monster school bus!
Test your speed and skills! Click on connected factor blocks to destroy the falling product block. Think quickly, or time will run out!
You’re a ninja – and a short order cook. Prepare and serve food safely before your customers walk away. And don’t make anyone sick!
Find the patterns in the numbers to clear the board! In the process, build your skills for multiplying whole numbers and decimals.
As a doctor in a cancer therapy clinic, you'll consult with patients to decide on treatments and learn to work the radiation equipment.
Create your own music with your very own One Man Band!
Can you train a dog to drool on command? Here you can find out about conditioned reflexes!
Navigate the number line while diving amidst sunken ruins. Will you find a pearl or an old boot? Watch out for the electric eel!
As an Egyptian pharaoh mummified by mistake, you'll need to break out your geometry skills to escape from a pyramid!
Shape the future of a new society while recognizing ethical issues and making decisions based on evidence and differing points of view.
The battle is on in this ratio-building game. Out-compete your opponents by making powerful potions.
Save animals stuck in space by applying what you know about fractions!
The Internet is deep and filled with treasure, but searching can be tricky without the right keywords. Can you find what you're looking for?
Posting stuff online can be as fun as jumping on a trampoline! But sharing the wrong info can make you fall. Can you make the right choices?
Help Twitch do his late-night work in the Museum workshop by creating simple machines.
Show what you know about BrainPOP topics by strategically categorizing tiles into the bins where they belong.
Categorize and sort traditional American Indian tribes and attributes of Native American groups before Columbus.
Sort colonists and events leading to the American Revolution by common characteristics; pair cause and effect; and order future Presidents.
Categorize and sort angles by type and fill in the blanks to determine the missing angle values.
Sort continents, countries and seas by geographic themes and order them by attributes such as land mass, population and proximity to oceans.
Sort energy sources and energy loads and categorize electricity terms by units, paths, voltages, and types of current.
Sort elements of the periodic table by attributes, such as symbol and group, and order by atomic mass and valence electrons.
Practice multiplication and division by sorting numbers into multiples and factors of given numerals.
Categorize and sort music makers including woodwind, percussion, string, and brass instruments by common attributes and origins.
Sort Earth's resources into origins and categories, including renewable, nonrenewable and recyclable, and connect raw and finished products.
Sort nouns into categories, change them to plural and adjective forms, and use them to complete a sentence.
Categorize foods as grains, vegetables, proteins, and dairy; sort foods by nutrient content; and group food items into balanced meals.
Show what you know about Parts of Speech by craftily categorizing tiles into the bins where they belong.
Sort concepts of the U.S. government, including personal rights, the three branches, state powers, and the Supreme Court, into categories.
Find space treasure with physics! As a member of the starship Copernicus, you’ll use force, motion, and mass to recover lost riches.
Perimeter, area, and alien spaceships — oh, my! The more ships you capture and area you cover, the more you score. Not compatible with Safari.
Ever wonder how the Supreme Court really works? In Supreme Decision, you help cast the deciding vote.
Can you care for a dog with diabetes? Keep your dog's blood sugar at healthy levels, and you'll earn money to spend on doggie treats!
Can you help Biobot Bob find treasure and rescue your friends from a cave full of bats and vampires? Keep Bob running by using photosynthesis to boost his energy levels.
The sports media company TSN-2 is losing its teen audience! As Managing Director, you have to find the best way to get them back—and fast.
Learn numberline concepts while jumping, bouncing, sliding, and sticking to walls as a frog!
With a “turtle” as your guide, learn to code and run simple programs in Logo, a popular visual programming language. (Not compatible with IE8)
Create your own animation with programming blocks! What’s the coolest scene you can code using only 15 blocks? (Not compatible with Safari).
Biff the spaceman has crash landed onto a deserted asteroid. Help him reach his moon base by solving these coding puzzles! (Not compatible with Safari).
After a day in the park, Pixel’s left behind. Connect visual code blocks in the right way to help him avoid obstacles and get back home. (Not compatible with Safari)
Program Snap the turtle to draw shapes and patterns using simple commands that he can understand. (Not compatible with Safari).
Don’t sell contaminated salsa! Step into the virtual lab and make sure Spicy Salsa Company’s product is safe by adjusting its pH to the target level.
You’re a technician in the lab! Sample bacteria in pasteurized and raw milk and then incubate the bacteria and count the colonies.
Ignite your Bunsen burner! Prepare a sample of yogurt for microscope viewing and learn how staining can help detect harmful bacteria.
Mold on corn can produce toxins that make people sick. Learn how to use black light (UV light) to detect mold on corn, then test it further in the laboratory to see whether it contains aflatoxin.
How powerful is your lens? Learn how to view super-small objects by handling the parts of a compound optical microscope.
Acid or base? Test the pH of common liquids and learn how pH can determine whether food is safe to eat. Then, calibrate your pH meter and use it in a virtual lab!
Revive a dying plant and help it thrive by adjusting its light, atmosphere, and soil. Watch what these changes do on a cellular level, too!
Hit the campaign trail! Raise money, poll voters, and make strategic decisions to win your 270 electoral votes en route to the presidency.