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"Budget Hero" Added to BrainPOP's
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Washington – "Budget Hero," the computer game, designed to help people of all ages understand the Federal budget and the underlying issues that shape it, is now offered on the free resource GameUp™, BrainPOP’s collection of cross-curricular game titles from leading publishers.

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"Budget Hero" invites players to explore the impact of different cuts and expenditures as they create and test their own budget policies. Students choose “badges” that represent their values and goals – economic stimulus, national security, the environment, school funding, energy. As the simulation progresses, participants “play” policy cards, deciding whether to fund or cut spending on initiatives like clean energy research, federal housing assistance, education for disadvantaged children, infrastructure maintenance, and health care for senior citizens. The budgets “go bust” when money runs out for anything but Social Security, health care, and interest payments; they are complete when they reflect a player’s chosen values and/or yield a desirable result.

As it does for all titles showcased on GameUp, BrainPOP pairs "Budget Hero" with a selection of related content that facilitates the game’s effective classroom use.

"The addition of 'Budget Hero' to BrainPOP’s repertoire of educational games reflects our commitment to providing relevant, timely content that increases students' engagement in the world around them," said Avraham Kadar, M.D., Founder and CEO of BrainPOP. "Civic involvement and financial literacy are of critical importance, and can be cumbersome and complex subject matter for children and adults alike. By expanding our GameUp partnerships with organizations like the Wilson Center and American Public Media's Public Insight Network, we aim to build a comprehensive platform that narrows the knowledge gap and provides a space for immersive education through enriching play."

"By putting young players in the driver’s seat, 'Budget Hero' engages players and makes difficult policy arguments clearer," said Jane Harman, Director, President and CEO of the Wilson Center. "GameUp, with its carefully vetted selection of educational titles and supporting materials, is an excellent showcase for 'Budget Hero.' Kids everywhere will now have access to the game and its key lessons, while their teachers will benefit from resources to help them integrate it into their curriculum easily and smoothly."

"'Budget Hero' has proven a great way for hundreds of thousands of Americans to begin to understand the complexity of the questions facing our nation when it comes to the budget," said Mike Reszler Vice President Digital Media, American Public Media. "By partnering with BrainPOP and the Wilson Center, we are helping to engage teachers and students in the same exercise of understanding the myriad of decisions that go into shaping the budget."

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