BrainPOP ESL is Now Available for Windows 8!

March 11, 2014

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We’re thrilled to announce that BrainPOP ESL is now available on Windows 8 devices! BrainPOP ESL offers 90 lessons from beginner level to advanced and the release of our newest app makes it possible...

1.5.5 Review: Was / Were Lesson Plan

March 7, 2014

Categories: BrainPOP ESL
In the BrainPOP ESL movie, Happy Birthday (L1U5L5), Ben and Moby want to surprise Nikki on her birthday, but Nikki surprises them, instead. While Ben and Moby realize their mistake, students review po...

Rooms in the House Image Prompt

March 7, 2014

Categories: BrainPOP ESL
Use this image of the rooms in a house to practice adjectives, the verb to be, there is/are, or as a writing prompt....

ESL and Beyond: BrainPOP around the World!

February 28, 2014

TESOL Certified English Teacher Charles McKinney on BrainPOP in His ESL Classroom: Ever since my American friend and former colleague in Beijing, China introduced me to BrainPOP, I have been an avid...

1.1.4 Prepositions Lesson Plan

February 25, 2014

In the BrainPOP ESL movie Under the Big Desk (L1U1L4), Ben’s small, red book disappears. Suspiciously, Moby is missing, too. As Ben investigates the mystery, students are introduced to simple adject...

Webinar Withdrawal?

July 15, 2013

This July, you may have noticed that we're taking a break from the weekly webinar series on BrainPOP Educators. Even though we're not broadcasting live, there is plenty of great content in our archive...

BrainPOP ESL Completes Level 3!

July 12, 2013

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It just keeps getting better! BrainPOP ESL now has 3 complete levels of movies (30 lessons per level) teaching beginning to advanced English language. ELLs learn language usage through the engaging mo...

Academic Standards

July 9, 2013

Search for common core and individual state academic standards and alignments within BrainPOP, BrainPOP jr. BrainPOP ESL, BrainPOP Espanol and GameUp!      ...

BrainPOP at TCEA 2013: Come Visit us in Booth #1717

February 6, 2013

Join the POParrazi We are excited to be in Austin, Texas, this week for the 2013 TCEA Conference.  If you're at the conference, stop by Booth # 1717 to take your picture with Moby and participate in...

Everything ESL with Bev Fine

January 23, 2013

Join Bev Fine, BrainPOP ESL’s Editorial and Outreach Director, for a tour of our award-winning English language learning/teaching tool. She’ll show you the ins and outs of all eight interactive fe...