BrainPOP Buddies!

February 20, 2009

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BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. offer lots of possibilities for partner work. Teachers in Palm Beach County helped me brainstorm some great ideas during a recent visit. *Have 2 students working side by s...

More Than Just Movies!

February 13, 2009

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I've been lucky enough to do some traveling and brainstorming with many talented teachers lately, and I found that many educators don't realize how much more you can do with BrainPOP beyond the movies...

Happy 200th Birthday, Honest Abe!

February 8, 2009

Categories: BrainPOP Jr.
February 12th is Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday! Many educators are planning to celebrate with a party! Take advantage of our movie, online interactive activities, and additional suggestions to ma...

New Spotlights!

February 4, 2009

Spotlight: Famous Scientists Introduce Some of the Greatest Minds In February, BrainPOP casts the "Spotlight"  on Famous Scientists. Explore our new movie and quiz on Thomas Edison and feature su...

Upcoming Conferences

February 3, 2009

From Feburary 2-6, you'll find us in Austin at TCEA, Booth 528. Stop by to check out product demos, take home some great BrainPOP goodies, talk to our staff, and learn about our new features like Brai...


January 30, 2009

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I thought it would be helpful to address some of our most frequently asked questions, so I've invited our Subscriber Relations team to share some FAQs and tips. Please let us know if you find this hel...

Lesson Plans!

January 27, 2009

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We have a ton of new lesson plans up! Take a look! They began getting a little unruly, so we added in a filter to make it easy and efficient to quickly find what you're looking for by subject and grad...

Conference Alert: FETC!

January 21, 2009

We are gearing up for FETC around here! Florida's Educational Technology Conference will be taking place in Orlando, Florida from January 21 - 24. BrainPOP will be there, along with some special gue...

Inauguration Plans

January 19, 2009

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Remember BrainPOP's Election Spotlight? Now is a great time to revisit our movies and activities related to the presidential election. Pave the path to get ready to watch the inaugration with student...

More Test Prep!

January 14, 2009

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For some of you, testing is already underway, while others are still in the midst of preparation. Did you know BrainPOP offers an entire category of topics related to Study and Reading Skills? To ea...