Create a Scary Concept Map with Make-a-Map!

October 29, 2014

Categories: Concept Map Holidays
Have some ghoulish fun with your students in class on Halloween by making a historical concept map about the origins of the holiday with Make-a-Map. Powered by Ideaphora...

Getting Started with Make-a-Map

September 3, 2014

Make-a-Map is BrainPOP's newest tool for concept mapping. Concept mapping gives students the chance to transform information into knowledge by making meaningful connections between their thoughts and ...

POPstar Lisa Parisi’s Reaction to Make-a-Map Concept Mapping Tool

September 3, 2014

POPStar Lisa Parisi reacts with excitement as she realizes the video clip snapshots on a Make-a-Map canvas replay from specific moments of BrainPOP movies. This feature differentiates Make-a-Map from...

Daria Roulett Talks about Make-a-Map Concept Mapping Tool

September 3, 2014

5th grade teacher Daria Roulett speaks about the unique engagement she observed as her students used the Make-A-Map concept mapping tool in the school's computer lab....

Introducing the Make-a-Map™ Concept Map Tool by BrainPOP – Powered by Ideaphora

June 27, 2014

Categories: Concept Map Make-a-Map
Make a concept map with BrainPOP?  It's true!  BrainPOP's new Make-a-Map™ is an open ended tool can be used to take notes, organize ideas, create stories, study and much more.  Unlike other conce...

ISTE 2014 POPup Classroom Resources

June 27, 2014

    Small Group Work Step Guides: Create a Concept Map with Make-a-Map™ (PDF) Submit Moments from Game Play with the GameUp SnapThought™ (PDF) Mix Your Own Quiz with the M...