New Spotlight: Science Skills

October 16, 2008

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Get into the swing of science with our new Spotlight on Science Skills! Whether your school science fair is now or later in the school year, you can get your students thinking about the how’s of s...

Experiential Learning in Citizenship and Democracy

October 9, 2008

Categories: General
As the Presidential election draws nearer, we want to draw your attention to even more resources. We're excited to partner with The National Student/Parent Mock Election and provide them with BrainPO...

Great Story!

October 3, 2008

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Students and teachers at Bonita Springs Middle School in Bonita Springs, FL, wanted BrainPOP so badly that they decided to hold a fundraiser. The students who raised the most money got to be principal...

Tim’s Shirt!

October 3, 2008

Categories: General
This just in! Robert, a 4th & 5th grade teacher extraordinaire in Port Orange, FL, shared another of his extremely creative & inspiring BrainPOP activities -- What's the Meaning of Tim's Shi...

New Typeable Features on BrainPOP Jr.

October 1, 2008

Categories: General
I am so excited about this new feature in BrainPOP Jr! It now has typeable activities and Talk About It features! So you can model, brainstorm as a class, have students type themselves, or all of th...

BrainPOP & Social Media

September 23, 2008

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I've been exploring the world of social media and how BrainPOP fits into it. Hopefully you no...

New Spotlight: Hispanic Heritage

September 15, 2008

Categories: General
Frida Kahlo! Conquistadors! Mexico! We've got some fantastic resources ready for you to support Hispanic Heritage Month! BrainPOP's Hispanic Heritage Spotlight has some free content, and of course,...

A Note On New Movie: September 11th

September 9, 2008

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Here at BrainPOP, we've received many emails from kids about September 11th. The anniversary raises difficult questions that educators and parents may struggle to begin answering. We've created a mo...

Building BrainPOP Into Your Class Routines

September 5, 2008

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Now that the school year is underway, it's the perfect time to think about how to build BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. into your class routines! One idea I really love is using BrainPOP Jr.'s Belly Up co...

Top Movies!

September 3, 2008

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Check it out! You can get a quick glimpse of our most popular movies by day,  month, and subject with our new Top Movies feature: Great tool for making plannin...