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Am I able to watch all BrainPOP movies with the iPad app?

Am I able to watch all BrainPOP Jr. movies with the iPad app?

How are app-related payments handled?

How do I cancel my app subscription?

How do I restore my app subscription?

Why is there no sound when the movie plays?

Can I access GameUp, FYI or other sections of BrainPOP through the app?

Can I access my app subscription on multiple devices?

Can I use my iTunes app subscription to access

Can I use my BrainPOP site subscription to access content through the app?

I can’t view or play the movie.

Google Apps for Education

How do I integrate my BrainPOP account with Google Apps?

When I choose to send my results, I’m asked for my teacher’s email address. Which one should I use?

Can I sign in to BrainPOP manually and still send my results to a Google Spreadsheet?

Why can’t I resend my results after choosing the “Retake the Quiz” option?

I use Google Docs at school. Am I able to take advantage of this integration?


Can I use my Chrome app subscription to access

What is a web app?

How do I access the Chrome app?

How is payment handled?