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My BrainPOP Teacher Registration

What is the Educator Code and why do I need it?

I don’t know my Educator Code! Help!

Where do I enter the Educator Code?

How do I link my existing My BrainPOP teacher account to my BrainPOP subscription?

Educators Support

What happened to my BrainPOP Educators account?

Where can I find answer keys for the Activity Pages?

What is BrainPOP Educators?

Are BrainPOP topics aligned to Common Core standards?

Can I access a webinar after it has taken place?

Do you provide professional development certificates of participation for your webinars?

Do you have professional development resources?

How can I get funding to purchase BrainPOP?

I’m interested in being a guest blogger/joining you at a conference/sharing my expertise. Who should I get in touch with?

I’m new to BrainPOP. Where do I start?

Can I access BrainPOP content through BrainPOP Educators?

Is BrainPOP aligned to Common Core Standards?

How can I use BrainPOP in the classroom?

Is there a way to view/print answer keys to BrainPOP quizzes?